Strategy: Smooth backlinks profile growth with combination of do-follow/no-follow links

The Saas company that manages clients’ accounting, secretary, & incorporation online is in business since 2017. Still, it started getting active market traction and dynamics starting from March 2019.

In March 2019, they started working with Natural Links, having below 1000 unique users per month.

Also, the client’s team has selected a strategy of smooth backlink profile growth. The brand started at 150 Natural Links posts per month, and gradually increased the volume. Currently, after 1.5 years of cooperation, the volume is over 1000 Natural Links links per month.

The starting dynamics of the referring domains growth is shown below:

Results achieved by client:

  • 10x organic traffic growth within 1 year only – now there’s 20K+ unique visitors per month
  • Organic traffic has become one of the factors for revenue growth – the startup got profitable in 2020 already
  • The company has achieved international traction, recognition and trust which has become one of the arguments at an investment round