Matthew Woodward – the SEO rising star


How to become rich doing the job for free? Ask Matthew Woodward, one of the rising stars of the SEO market.

Matthew runs his UK-based business online and shows fantastic results.

The secret of his success is the valuable content.

Publishing it for free, Matthew demonstrates his overwhelming expertise in SEO and digital marketing – and in this way attracts prominent names.

Let us investigate his bio and blog and find the value for ourselves.

Who Is Matthew Woodward?

Specialization: Author, Entrepreneur, Marketer, and Blogger

Website: Matthew Woodward: Award Winning SEO Blog

Social: Twitter, Youtube

Matthew Woodward is a real rock star and a man of great abilities among the numerous SEO famous names. Just read the bio he provides on the site.

2006 – Matthew W starts working

2009 – starts his blog

2012 – wins the award The Best Of

2013 – wins Pro Blogger One to Watch and three other rewards

2021 – Matthew is one of the “must-know” names on the digital marketing and search engine optimization market, and he is 26.

Speaking about his success, Matthew W says he always needs “something to chew“.

Well, now he, with his team, chews the big brands providing consulting services on everything related to digital marketing.

It seems there is no topic he can professionally discuss.

However, he is better known for his tutorials and guides on digital marketing – detailed, helpful, and available for free.

Matthew follows the principle “do what you love best, and you’ll not work a single day more.”

He is a living example of making money with a blog.

Besides, he shows how to create shareable content and get natural links from the forums and blogs.

So, Matthew is a person of interest for everybody who works in the digital marketing niche.

Matthew Woodward’s Website: A Brief

Matthew Woodward’s website’s home page looks a little bit overloaded with the information, but at the same time, it can be a paradise for those who are looking for the info.

Matthew introduces himself in a video and provides the selected videos from his YouTube channel – case studies, educational videos, helpful tips, etc.

You can also find the testimonials from the clients, subscription buttons, and many-many internal links.

Of course, Woodward advertises the services of his SEO agency on the site:

  • Fully Managed SEO
  • E-Commerce SEO
  • Technical Audits
  • Penalty Removal
  • “Partner With US” (A referral program)

Besides, he offers training – paid and free – and promotes the partner products.

As a professional in Natural Links building, I can put the highest mark on LinkThatRank service.

They explain their methods of work and even provide the calculator for the link profile.

The price is also impressive, though.

However, the real jewels are hidden in the SEO section.

In one of his interviews, Matthew mentions the dozens of websites that copy information from each other and give outdated advice.

Woodward provides only original content, valuable and well-written.

Besides, he accumulates his SEO experience with years, and his reviews reveal the main evolution processes in digital marketing.

Speaking about the history of SEO.

Among the recent products, I am impressed with the article The 1 Million Domain Test – Ahrefs vs Majestic SEO [Huge Update].

In 2013 Matthew conducted the research of the best link checker – a useful tool for checking broken and malicious links.

In 2021 he repeated this research. Spoiler: in both cases, Ahrefs won first place, but the study itself and findings are worth reading.

The last section I want to talk about is called Work.

You will not find the open positions in Matthew’s team here.

It is a real treasure for new freelancers.

It is a collection of guidelines and ideas, and not all of them are related to SEO. For example, Woodward provides instruction on work on Fivver – popular in the UK freelance service.

When somebody provides a lot of training and tutorials on a special skill, there is a risk to nurture future competitors.

However, Matthew sincerely believes that the Internet is limitless and there is enough job for everyone.

Besides, he knows that most of the skills require long periods of repetitive actions, which is not for everyone.

Many people would prefer hiring somebody instead of doing this, and Woodward is open to propositions.

Contribution to the SEO Community

Above I mentioned three main channels Woodward addresses to his audience: website, YouTube channel, and Twitter. Frankly, all three platforms are closely integrated, so we can consider it as a single product, educational and promotional.

What else Matthew W offers to the SEO community, together with his brilliant articles and videos, is the learning courses.

For now, there are two courses available:

My Free Link Building Training Will Show You How – available as a webinar.


How To Build A Successful Blog In 7 Days​ – email course.

Besides, you can subscribe to regular emails and get useful tips and advice via email.

Of course, it cannot go without mentioning the site of Matthew’s agency SEO Logistics.

If you want to compete with SEO Logistics, investigate their website, especially case studies. At least, you can see the nice format.

Wrapping Up

Matthew Woodward becomes a big name for all digital marketing professionals.

Many newcomers entered this professional field via his blog, full of helpful guides and articles.

In knowledge-sharing, he is probably ‘the best in the class.’

Hundreds of grateful followers can confirm this.

Woodward also offers some SEO-related services via his own agency Search Logistics.

According to his claims, Search Logistics is a team of SEO professionals ready to face any SEO challenge, from the general website development strategy to the Google sanctions removal.

Some skeptics say Woodward’s agency has a little turnover – in the numbers of backlinks.

I just want to remind you can order high-quality Natural Links from us, but if you need a good SEO tutorial, visit Matthew Woodward’s site.

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