Crowd Marketing

We provide SEO backlinks from active discussions in the world’s most popular online resources for growing your organic traffic and diversifying your backlink profile.
Crowd marketing


  • 20 links
  • $10 per link
  • 200 links
  • $8 per link
  • 500 links
  • $7.5 per link
  • 1000 links
  • $7 per link
  • 1000+ links
  • discount per link
custom price

Crowd Marketing Pillars

  • 01Strong comments
  • 02Top resources
  • 03Reputable accounts
01. Strong comments
We'll provide you with high-quality comments that rank well in search engines and bring value for users.
What you get
  • comments of a minimum of 300-400 symbols
  • comments that contain unique and useful content for the users
  • topic of the comment replies to the question asked on the thread
  • tone of voice is relevant to the discussion
02. Top resources
We will provide you with backlinks from the top resources in your niche.
What you get
  • highly moderated platforms
  • 30K+ alive monthly traffic from the needed geo
  • TF 15+, DA 30+, DR 30+
  • threads that are indexed or are getting indexed every few days
03. Reputable accounts
We work with only reputable accounts that bear maximum resemblance to human users and can become your true brand ambassadors
What you get
  • account with an avatar
  • natural communication, not only comments with links
  • history of at least 5-10 comments
  • complete profile with interests and any other assets that make it look like a real user
NaturalLinks Case for SaaS company
Organic traffic growth – now there’s 40K+ unique visitors per month
conversion rate growth from organic visitors from 5.14 % to 10.84 %
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NaturalLinks SEO Services Case for Nutrition Brand
The number of brand queries increased by 25%.
15k to 36k
Within 1 year of work, the client's website organic traffic grew from 15k to 36k unique visitors per month.
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NaturalLinks SEO Services Case for iGaming Brand
unique referring domains with the links to the clients website appeared as a result of all our work in the index of Google search engine
8 month
After 8 months most of the keywords began to rank and bring traffic. In such a highly competitive niche as Igaming, even low-frequency queries are especially valuable.
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NaturalLinks SEO Services Case for Cryptocurrency Company
ТOP 30
search results
the number of direct traffic to the site increased by
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NaturalLinks Case for SaaS and PaaS company AJAX
Increased brand traffic search volume in various GEO’s. During the first year traffic was boosted x2, another 2 years we managed to boost it - x5.
We managed to eliminate negative mentions and pages from Google search. Now any negative page can be found only somewhere beyond Google TOP-30, which pretty much means it can not be found by a regular user.
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NaturalLinks SEO Services Case for iGaming Brand
Growth from 1K visitors per month to over 100K per month in 1.5 years
3x retention rate increase
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How does crowd marketing differ from SEO and other marketing techniques?

Crowd marketing implies a softer, more concealed promotion of a product or company than traditional promotional campaigns do. Moreover, crowd marketing is aimed at a specific target audience, usually the people who are already inclined to buy your product, instead of a general audience.

Why is crowd marketing good for a website’s ranking?

The more links lead to your website, the more often you appear in searches, which increases your trust index and improves your position in search engines.

When should I expect to see results from crowd marketing activities?

Usually, it takes at least one month to see tangible results of crowd links and other backlinks.

Where can I see information on the links posted?

After the project is completed, you will receive a detailed report that will include the date of each comment, the platform it was posted on, the link and the anchor used, and the text of the comment.

How can I order your crowd marketing services?

Leave your information in the form below, and our representative will get in touch to discuss the details of your project.

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