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Personalized Search

Personalized search – an algorithm by which a search is made on the Internet with an individual approach for each user. When searching, many factors are taken into account. Among them are the previous visit to the sites, your geolocation… Read More – custom

Search Engine Penalty

All website owners must follow a specific set of rules if they want to play in the internet league. As in any game, a rule breaker must be punished according to the decision of the referee, websites that violate the… Read More – custom


One of the most crucial external optimization factors is links to your resource. Analysis of external links will allow you to evaluate the parameters of the link ”juice” of competitors’ sites, to find out their promotion strategy, the quality, quantity… Read More – custom

External Linking

External linking is a thematic grouping of pages of various websites using hyperlinks.
This ensures the transfer of weight between resources, that is, the donor site through the backlink transfers its weight (authority) to the acceptor site.

External Ranking Factors

External ranking factors are factors that influence the position of the site, which the search engine assigns to it in the SERP.
Each search engine uses its own algorithms to determine them.
SEO specialists do not have access to all ranking factors, however, based on their experience and analysis of the obtained results, they should take into account external factors when planning a website promotion company.


Interlinking is the process of linking individual pages with links.
In this case, it’s not about a separate link leading to any specific page, but about a system of links connecting the pages of the website.

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