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iGaming is a popular, yet specific niche. Organic traffic and clear communication between the service vendor and players are essential in this market. Natural Links helps iGaming platforms score higher on SERPs and build a recognizable brand. Using the means of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, we increase organic traffic and help businesses to get more leads.

Best SEO practices for the iGaming market

Best SEO practices for the iGaming market

The world gambling market is expected to reach $525 billion by 2023. At the same time, the competition is becoming fiercer every day, and it’s becoming increasingly challenging to reach your target audience.

A smart SEO strategy is just what your iGaming business needs. Natural Links has the expertise needed to create a tailor-made SEO roadmap for your business, taking into consideration the specifics of your services and your location. Here’s how we do that:

  • Audit of your current online presence
  • Competitor research
  • Use of relevant keywords
  • Content optimization
  • On-page optimization
  • Improvement of website structure
  • Link building services, and much more

Making sure that your website is shown to target users is exactly what SEO in iGaming services is for. It brings you higher-quality leads and increases your platform’s Google trust level

SEO strategy for iGaming businesses

All of the classics work great in iGaming: relevant keyword usage, link building, meta tags optimization, etc. Regular posting of blog posts, press releases, news, and other pieces of content on your platform is an especially great way to increase both customer engagement and organic traffic.

Essential in the iGaming market

It is crucial to remember that the iGaming market is quite differentiated, and your specific strategy will depend on your local legislation and the kind of services you offer. Casino websites can also easily get on the bad side of search engines, which makes having a smart SEO strategy even more important.
NaturalLinks Case for SaaS company
Organic traffic growth – now there’s 40K+ unique visitors per month
conversion rate growth from organic visitors from 5.14 % to 10.84 %
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NaturalLinks SEO Services Case for Nutrition Brand
The number of brand queries increased by 25%.
15k to 36k
Within 1 year of work, the client's website organic traffic grew from 15k to 36k unique visitors per month.
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NaturalLinks SEO Services Case for iGaming Brand
unique referring domains with the links to the clients website appeared as a result of all our work in the index of Google search engine
8 month
After 8 months most of the keywords began to rank and bring traffic. In such a highly competitive niche as Igaming, even low-frequency queries are especially valuable.
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NaturalLinks SEO Services Case for Cryptocurrency Company
ТOP 30
search results
the number of direct traffic to the site increased by
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NaturalLinks Case for SaaS and PaaS company AJAX
Increased brand traffic search volume in various GEO’s. During the first year traffic was boosted x2, another 2 years we managed to boost it - x5.
We managed to eliminate negative mentions and pages from Google search. Now any negative page can be found only somewhere beyond Google TOP-30, which pretty much means it can not be found by a regular user.
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NaturalLinks SEO Services Case for iGaming Brand
Growth from 1K visitors per month to over 100K per month in 1.5 years
3x retention rate increase
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Why is SEO in the iGaming niche so important?

It improves a platform’s online visibility and ensures that an iGaming business constantly gets organic traffic.

Which SEO strategy works the best for the iGaming industry?

A combination of technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO works best in the iGaming industry.

How fast will my iGaming platform start getting organic traffic?

In this niche, 2 to 6 months of implementing proper SEO is what may bring the first notable results.

What is the core of SEO for iGaming?

Regular posting of usable content that engages clients and the inclusion of relevant keywords is what brings most of the short-term outcomes.

Will SEO work for my iGaming platform?

Yes, most likely, you will observe better results from SEO-driven traffic compared to leads generated through paid advertising.

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