Search engine reputation management (SERM) implies continuous monitoring and shaping of the online public image of a company. The core objective of SERM is to deal with negative search results and feedback on the net.
Crowd marketing

You should use SERM if you:

  • more talk about your business
  • consumer trust in your brand
  • less negative feedback on the internet
...have ambition to:02
  • enhance brand visibility
  • increase conversions from website traffic

How we’ll do SERM for you:

Dedicated account manager
You will have access to a dedicated account manager who will be your point of contact for all services.
Team of 100+ Experts
Our team consists of 100+ experts in SEO, social media marketing, and content writing. We have been working for over 20 years and have achieved significant results together.
Personalized approach
We will build a custom strategy that fits your unique business needs, the niche you’re working in, and the audience you’re targeting.
Competent support
Our support team is highly responsive and capable of solving any issue you have encountered. If you have any questions or need help, just contact us.

SERM pillars

  • 01Press releases
  • 02Forum threads
  • 03Review score
  • 04Reports & results
01. Press releases
We will create unique, high-quality, and well-optimized press releases for your products.
What you get
  • careful selection of platforms for press releases
  • detailed technical assignment for every press release
  • engaging and informative press releases provided by expert writers
  • publication on reputable, vetted platforms
02. Forum threads
We will create unique forum threads on your topic and publish them on popular forums in your niche.
What you get
  • analysis of your audience behavior and selection of fitting platforms
  • relevant comments and new discussions initiated
  • high-authority human-like user profiles created by us
  • regular metrics on brand discussability and brand traffic growth
03. Review score
We will help you create a positive brand image by providing review scores for your business on popular review sites.
What you get
  • selection of the most relevant review platforms
  • positive reviews from human-like users
  • keyword-optimized reviews
  • important brand messages communicated in the reviews
04. Reports & results
We will provide you with reports and results that show how your digital marketing campaign is performing.
What you get
  • weekly reports on the completed work
  • monthly performance reports with recommendations on further actions
NL Tech TeamMax

Boost your growth with SERM services now!

Learn more about key SERM services

Press releases
Engaging pieces of content that communicate important company news
Forum threads
Comments on relevant topics and new threads relevant to your company or product
Review Score
Comprehensive, fact-based reviews for your product or business on top review platforms
NaturalLinks Case for SaaS company
Organic traffic growth – now there’s 40K+ unique visitors per month
conversion rate growth from organic visitors from 5.14 % to 10.84 %
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NaturalLinks SEO Services Case for Nutrition Brand
The number of brand queries increased by 25%.
15k to 36k
Within 1 year of work, the client's website organic traffic grew from 15k to 36k unique visitors per month.
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NaturalLinks SEO Services Case for iGaming Brand
unique referring domains with the links to the clients website appeared as a result of all our work in the index of Google search engine
8 month
After 8 months most of the keywords began to rank and bring traffic. In such a highly competitive niche as Igaming, even low-frequency queries are especially valuable.
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NaturalLinks SEO Services Case for Cryptocurrency Company
ТOP 30
search results
the number of direct traffic to the site increased by
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NaturalLinks Case for SaaS and PaaS company AJAX
Increased brand traffic search volume in various GEO’s. During the first year traffic was boosted x2, another 2 years we managed to boost it - x5.
We managed to eliminate negative mentions and pages from Google search. Now any negative page can be found only somewhere beyond Google TOP-30, which pretty much means it can not be found by a regular user.
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NaturalLinks SEO Services Case for iGaming Brand
Growth from 1K visitors per month to over 100K per month in 1.5 years
3x retention rate increase
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What does SERM do?

Search engine reputation management helps you form the desired information field around your brand and ensure customer loyalty.

When do I need SERM?

Reputation management will be beneficial for any business, but you especially need SERM services if:

  • the first page of the search does not feature positive comments
  • there is no discussion of your brand online whatsoever
  • fierce competition or negative PR from rivals
  • your project is new, and you need a strong positive image
  • your company is going through a crisis and needs additional support
How quickly will I see the results of SERM actions?

Every project is different, but on average it takes about a month to improve online reviews and generate talk. If we need to deal with negative search results, it may take up to 6 months.

Can we be sure of confidentiality?

Our SERM services are offered on a completely confidential basis. We proceed after careful negotiation of all terms and detail of our cooperation.

Do you provide a warranty for your services?

Yes, we offer a money-back guarantee to our customers in case we are more than 10 days later than the agreed date, or we fail to fulfill the order obligations.
There are 2 types of compensation at Natural Links:
Order credit. You can receive a credit for the suggested refund amount, and use it towards your next order with us.
Refund. If the credit option is not suitable for you, you can get a refund. Our SERM services are offered on a completely confidential basis. We proceed after careful negotiation of all terms and detail of our cooperation.

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