Quora and Reddit As Your Effective Business Promoters

What is special about them, and how can Q&A websites benefit your business? Let’s figure it out!
Quora and Reddit: your effective business promoters
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    For sure, at least once in your life, such platforms as Quora or Reddit were included in the search results for your query. In fact, millions of people from India, the USA, the UK, Pakistan, Australia, and Canada actively use such services to find answers to their questions, bypassing the search giant Google. Why? What is special about them, and how can Q&A websites benefit your business? Let’s figure it out!

    Why Social and Q&A Platforms are Useful for SEO

    Online visibility

    Getting links from Quora answers or from comments on Reddit increases the credibility of the site and it looks more organic to search engine robots. For example, 100% of links to a site from guest articles and sites look much more suspicious if, at the same time, no one has ever mentioned this site on social networks and platforms.

    Q&A websites are 100% informative, and all messages are strictly moderated to ensure that no spam is spread by users. Search engines take into account that if people in social networks refer to any external resource, then it is of interest to them, and may also be useful to others. Therefore, if you get backlinks from these quality sites, the search engines will be happy to reward you with higher search rankings.

    Brand mentions

    Links placed with accurate anchors that match the related content and the context of discussions on the platform generate high-quality brand mentions otherwise referred to as social signals.

    Profit your site gets from social signals:

    • accelerated indexing of the site by search engines;
    • the link profile becomes more diverse;
    • the total number of links to the site is growing;
    • your site gets additional traffic from social platforms, and your business will benefit from more social media mentions.

    Personal and brand awareness

    According to BrightLocal’s Consumer Survey featured by Forbes, 84% of people trust online talks of peer users as much as personal recommendations. It is important to complete your profile to show that you are an expert in certain areas. Make it sound natural and professional. Do not lie. Just talk about your business and what you trust.

    In addition, decent behavior on the platform itself, involving active participation in discussions, as well as providing helpful and informative answers will also increase user confidence in your brand, which will lead to an improved business profile.

    Links and anchors

    Social platforms can be used not only to promote with their help but also to receive backlinks from them. Of course, you need to have skills in how to correctly use links, which anchors to choose so that they do not look commercial, and what keywords to use in your responses. This is a whole science, and an inexperienced person may not be able to do it.

    And here you can use the Natural Links service. Such links are nofollow and do not transfer as much weight as outreach placement, but help build a good and safe link profile for the long term.

    Quora promotion strategy

    Platform review

    Quora is one of the leading Q&A sites. About 300 million users from all over the world visit it every month. On the interactive platform, you can answer questions, comment, and vote up or against what you dislike.

    You also have the opportunity to receive relevant and unique answers to your questions from millions of users who are willing to share different points of view. If you answer user questions well and provide valuable content, then your answer is guaranteed to be viewed by millions of users across the digital space. Among other things, Quora can be a great tool for promoting your business, whether it’s a branded product or unique content. However, in order for the tool to be of maximum benefit, you need to learn how to use it.

    How to gain maximum value from Quora

    In order for Quora to work for your business, you need to make the most of its capabilities. Answering questions that are relevant to your business plays a key role in this. Your answer should give a certain value to readers: a clear answer to the question posed, well-structured and collected information from various sources, relevance, etc.

    Remember that your answer can either appeal to the reader or cause a backlash, it can both attract the reader to your brand and reject it. Therefore, knowing and using the following techniques when giving answers will save you from failure, but will bring you benefits instead.

    To find a 5:1 ratio

    For high visibility of your answers, try to choose questions where the number of subscribers to the answers is in a ratio of 5 to 1. Thus, you give an answer to a hot question that is interesting to people and it will bring you visibility and the traffic in it.

    To use pictures

    The platform loves diagrams, infographics, and pictures, and if they are also unique, then your answer will be seen by a larger audience (you can use pictures from your own blog or create simple illustrations yourself in graphic editors). Even a funny picture or GIF animation on the topic will do – anything that will support the answer or make it stand out visually.

    To add useful links

    Provide useful links in the response. That is, not only a link to your own site, but also embed a few more in the context of the response. By adding links to other useful sources, even if they are not yours, you will show the platform audience that it is important for you to answer the question in a quality manner, and not only engage in self-promotion.

    Try not to use commercial anchors, but branded or informational ones. For example, “article about fintech trends”, and “graphic editor for SMM”.

    To promote own articles

    On Quora, you can and should promote your own content. There are 2 ways to do it:

    1) to look for relevant questions and use the already collected article material to answer them, by giving a teaser in the answer and offering to read more on the site’s blog;

    2) to create a topic for your company and repost blog articles there with an indication of the source.

    Do not spam

    Quora mercilessly suppresses any spammy behavior and blocks spammer accounts. Therefore, your answer should always be detailed, using lists, structuring paragraphs, and short, clear sentences. Just remember that 80% of the audience reads your texts using a mobile phone, and long complex sentences and canvases of text are much more likely to be ignored than clearly structured info. Spamming the same answer to a large number of questions will also result in blocking.

    Personal branding

    If you are promoting your own personal brand as an expert, or as a representative of a brand on Quora, it is very convenient to do this by simply creating an account with a photo of you, your real name, and links to other social networks. You can increase trust in your personality and brand by linking your account on the Q&A platform with accounts on other social networks, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

    When users see that you are just as common as they are, they tend to be more attracted to you and rely on your experience. This means that they will listen to your opinion and trust your offers. It is also recommended that you take your interest graph seriously. If there are discussions that only fit your niche, it will make users hesitate.

    Questions and their creation

    The last life hack. If you think that some issue has not yet been disclosed in detail, or there are no keywords you need. Ask the question yourself, you can do it anonymously, and then answer it yourself. Or create a question and send a request for an answer to other specific members of the community if you are interested in their opinion. Quora is the perfect platform to promote your brand and business by posting quality content to your target audience.

    If you act correctly in promoting and distributing links to your resources, then Quora will reward you with thousands of views, which in the future will grow into a large number of potential customers. If you find this promotion method incomprehensible or too complicated, then we at Natural Links are ready to help with our service.

    Reddit promotion strategy

    Platform review

    The main difference between Reddit and Quora is that Reddit is completely user-generated. The main goal of Reddit.com is to create subreddits, that is, categories with their own targeted focus, where people from all over the world can share their content and comments.

    The platform’s fan statistics are impressive: it has grown by 30.1% compared to last year and now stands at 430 million monthly active users. It’s worth saying that Reddit is one of the freest and most tolerant discussion platforms where almost anyone can find interesting topics and like-minded people.

    Therefore, any niche can be represented here, discussions of disapproved or controversial topics, for example, cryptos or CBD (Cannabidiol), are especially vivid, and therefore those products and companies that find it difficult to promote themselves using traditional methods (for example, due to a ban on advertising) should consider Reddit. So now let’s take a closer look at working with Reddit.

    Reddit promo features

    Everything is tied to the karma of the Reddit account. Karma is the number of votes you receive that can increase or decrease depending on whether your posts or comments get upvoted, and vice versa. With high karma, the likelihood that your words will be trusted is higher; with a low one, respectively less.

    If you spammed or tried to directly sell your own product, it will reflect badly on your karma. Before you start promoting your brand on Reddit, you need to earn at least 500 karma points. To do this, by creating an account, you should not indicate your involvement in the brand – just communicate, comment on publications, vote, and so on.

    The platform works on the principle of good advice and recommendations (preferably unselfish). Alternatively, for example, you can ask for advice on a difficult issue and people are actively involved in the discussion. No need to rush to recommend your product. In some subreddits, it is impossible to post materials and comment until a certain level of karma is reached, but in general, karma does not give anything other than trust.

    Promotion strategy for Reddit

    Account creation.

    You will need to enter your username and password.

    Earn karma.

    Reddit uses an algorithm to calculate karma and does not reveal exactly how it works. As with any community, building a reputation on Reddit boils down to posting good stuff. The following two steps will help you with this.

    Joining thematic subreddits according to your interest or profile.

    Each subreddit has its own moderators, they can have their own rules and their own design. You need to find out which subreddits your target audience is participating in. To do this, go to the search bar and start typing keywords that are relevant to your niche. And don’t neglect carefully studying the rules of each chosen subreddit.

    Posting useful information or entertainment.

    It sounds pretty obvious, but your post needs to be visible to get noticed. Memes with viral potential are probably the best choice, as are unusual, engaging photos and videos. For a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t on Reddit, check out the top-rated posts of all time. This will give you an idea of what the community as a whole really values and what you can work with. Sometimes it is better to ask the moderators if it is possible to post this or that material. This will allow you to build relationships with them. Sometimes they even help edit the text to receive a better audience reaction.

    Comments on hot topics.

    You need to track messages that are relevant to your business (category, brand, competitors). You can use the search engine of Reddit. There are always a lot of hot topics for discussion on Reddit. If you want to give your opinion on the side effects of the coronavirus vaccine, or the fact that a Tesla car hit a police car, go ahead.

    Answer first in popular topics or choose old ones with a small number of answers – so there is a chance to get more votes. Write a lot, competently and consistently. Monitor the selected topic of questions on Reddit daily for promotion.

    When it’s time to post something of your own, make sure it’s something awesome. In order for the promotion, with the help of Reddit, to go as smoothly as possible and with the best result, you can use the help of experts in this area.

    The experts from Natural Links know how to get the highest karma on Reddit and how to make the best post with attractive anchors and links to your website or blog.

    Quora and Reddit As Your Effective Business Promoters
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