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In order to be at the top of the search engine results in your niche, your website must have the appropriate level of reputation. If you implement rational and proven SEO link building strategies, you will make friends with search engines. Our team's mission is to provide you with quality link building services aimed at increasing your site's ranking in SERPs and ensuring relevant and constant traffic.
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Why Do Your Website Need Link Building Services?

Link Building Services Can Improve Search Engine Ranking & Get Referral Traffic
Neither Google nor other search engines reveal the influence of links on website promotion in particular. Links are not necessarily the strongest ranking factor but they affect organic ranking and shall be a must-have item for commercial sites in highly competitive areas. Link building services help increase referral traffic from other sites, which in turn will attract new customers and increase brand awareness. According to Google's statement, referral traffic does not count as a direct ranking factor. It probably has an indirect effect on search position, but its primary purpose is to bring in conversions. In turn, the number of conversions- click-throughs, form-fills, and product purchases, directly affects search engine ranking.
You Do Not Have an SEO Link Building Strategy
A link strategy is an action plan for increasing reference mass and improving the link profile of a website compared with its competitors. It differentiates helpful and harmful links, detects technical errors on the site, and determines new necessary steps for promotion targets. The SEO Link Building Strategy is not an instantaneous but a gradual process that succeeds only as a part of the overall strategy of the site promotion. In the past, link building services were about quantity and not quality. Today, quality links draw traffic and enhance the site's credibility. Although search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, external links remain an important ranking factor.
Proper Backlink Profile Helps Improve Website Authority & Boost Brand Awareness
Nowadays the influence of the reference environment is much lower than it used to be but links still matter along with a number of other crucial factors: content, behavioral factors, usability, content optimization, validity, etc. Link building services may become very useful if you have not established the types of relationships that can lead to links and help get your organic revenue expanded rapidly. By designing a link profile, you can see the big picture of your niche competitors, understand what you will have to deal with in the future, whether you should compete with such sites, and whether there is enough money to do that. A healthy backlink profile is one that indicates to search engines that you're earning your links and prestige fairly.

What Do You Get With a Link Building Services by Natural Links

SEO promotion requires a comprehensive approach, where external optimization, even if done perfectly, is not enough. Therefore, it is worth using the professional expertise of our agency.

Natural Links SEO company has an extensive experience in website promotion, link building and will help you bring your website to the top, and expand your digital market with our specialized SEO services, regardless of the business niche and the competition density. Our advanced link building services are a science we have refined over the last 6 years. We will build a long-term strategy for permanent link building if your site is in the highly competitive keyword environment, as well as provide a steady stream of top-notch backlinks for an already optimized site.

If you are looking for a high-impact, research-based, results-driven service, contact Natural Links and we will send you details on how we can help. We give our clients all necessary guarantees regarding the services we provide.

Up to 1 to 2K or 100 to 200K organic clicks per month can become your new reality with Natural Links

Steps of Our Link Building Services

  • 01Backlink profile audit
  • 02Competitors' Backlink Profile Analysis
  • 03Link Building Strategy Development
  • 04Outreach link building
  • 05Forum link building
  • 06Tier link building
  • 07PBN link building
  • 08Implementation of SEO Link Building Strategy Reporting
01. Backlink profile audit
We'll start by looking at your backlink profile to see what kind of links you currently have.
Making backlink profile audits for our clients our agency will
  • collect all the links, no matter how long they have been posted. The more we have the better we will perform the next steps and achieve 100% of the client's objective;
  • check the backlinks of a website on a number of parameters: the reputation of the site and the page of its location, the age of the online resource, its traffic from the organic traffic, spam content, etc.;
  • perform a detailed analysis of incoming links from the main competing sites in the niche with a further report indicating the recommended number of external links to be obtained to get higher-ranking positions;
  • check website backlinks in terms of the upward trend in the number of external links and, if we find a spike, determine its nature.
02. Competitors' Backlink Profile Analysis
Learning from strong counterparts, borrowing their techniques, and creatively recycling successful solutions serve the purpose of increasing the position of your project. SEO analysis examines the technical metrics that affect rankings in search engines.
The most important part of external optimization includes the competitors' backlink analysis. It helps to build a promotion strategy. In the process of analyzing the link profile of your competitors, we will
  • establish link growth dynamics;
  • determine which methods are used by competitors in their efforts to build a link profile;
  • create a link strategy and anchor list for your site.
03. Link Building Strategy Development
The purpose of our work is to improve the qualitative performance of the site`s backlink profile of a site, systematically applying various strategies. For each particular business, we tailor a strategy that includes the following tactical link building steps such as the PBN, Outreach, Forum, and Tier link building. We use these methods based on the objectives and the type of resource in question. Natural Link`s specialists regularly test hypotheses, get the results, analyze them, draw conclusions, and act according to the teamwork. We take into account the smooth growth of your link profile avoiding sudden drops and jumps in link building not to provoke a link explosion and get the site sanctioned by search engines.
04. Outreach link building
Outreach link building will allow you to build brand awareness and bring targeted traffic by reaching out to people in your niche (e.g. via email, feedback box, or social media) and presenting your project to them. If you can not put link building on stream on your own, you may contact Natural Links and see the magic power of quality backlinks. We will find and thoroughly scrutinize relevant sites for the placement of backlinks, prepare quality content for the chosen outreach methods, come up with a unique scheme, and agree on backlinks placement on the selected domains using a range of popular tools.
05. Forum link building
Forum link building is a great option for companies with a limited budget. It is also suitable for those who want to add a naturalness to the link profile of the website under promotion. We will find and place links on forums, which coincide with the topic of the site being promoted, determining, which forums are worthwhile to post links to and which are not. Moderators on quality forums are very well aware of all the "freshly registered" users and analyze posts and messages. Accordingly, to place the first links from the forum to your site, you will need to "disguise" as a regular user and sometimes show "healthy" activity, participate in discussions, and create topics. As soon as moderators lose their vigilance we will begin to place the links. After one forum, we will immediately register on the other forums and begin activities in the same pattern. The more such forums will be, the more domains to spread links.
What you get
  • balanced backlink profile that includes crowd links from reputable and relevant sources
  • report on the platforms and threads used for link building and their performance
06. Tier link building
The basic idea behind the Tier link building approach is to place links not only to the site being promoted but also to pages linking to it, as well as pages linking to those pages. It is by no means a quick and exciting process, but it bears the first fruits within one month of link indexing. In some cases, a significant increase in traffic starts a few days after the links are added to Google's index, and traffic will continue to grow day by day. Depending on the level of the main project, its development plans, and a budget, we will build different approaches to create multi-level links via forums, Q&A sites, social networks, and other platforms.
What you get
  • 1st tier links from highly trusted websites
  • 2nd tier links from mid-level authority websites
  • 3rd tier links generated in large numbers from lower-authority websites
07. PBN link building
The Private Blog Network (PBN) uses a network of donors or satellite websites to promote the main acceptor website, especially its authority in search. Preparing the PBN strategy we will use the following PBN link building tools: acquisition of already functioning sites; recovery of domains of abandoned sites with a good reputation; registration of blogs and minisites with the help of pro bono sites and services. If a search engine detects the PBN, a site is guaranteed to fall under sanctions and will lose its position. But we are not going to renounce the use of this perspective technology, we will create an illusion of full reality and naturalness of sites by publishing original, useful, unique, and really interesting content and smart working with the reference mass, so that neither search engine crawlers, nor real visitors will guess that they deal with PBN.
What you get
  • network of high-quality websites that will link to your website
  • way to build backlinks without being penalized by Google
08. Implementation of SEO Link Building Strategy Reporting
The absence of link building strategy and its poor development can lead to financial losses and getting your site under filters for not having a natural link profile. Natural Links will create an optimal link promotion strategy for your website and implement it in the time frame planned. We conduct linking buildings manually, with maximum attention to site selection, near-anchor text, and other details. We automate only the analysis of information to save our clients` time and give accurate data. After the completion of the work, we provide a full report, as well as interim statements for the client upon request.

Client Testimonials

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Sofiia Yanul (Industry: Digital Marketing) (Services: Link Building)
NaturalLinks helps us build high-quality pillow links for different projects we work on (e-commerce, dating, educational, etc.). The partnership helped us to get a large number of quality backlinks within the specified timeframe from quality and relevant resources, which led to boosting the “authority” of website pages in the eyes of Google. Communication is always at its best level. The team works quickly and efficiently, is flexible to any changes or requirements, project deadlines are always met, and if any problems arise during the execution of tasks, they are warned and agreed upon in advance. Over the 2 years of partnership, any problems have been resolved quickly and efficiently with the best possible result.
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NDA (Industry: iGaming) (Services: Link Building & Content Writing)
Thanks to NaturalLinks' efforts, we saw an increase in traffic and referral domains, significantly exceeding our expectations and contributing to our business goals. What set NaturalLinks apart was their deep expertise in iGaming, coupled with unparalleled customer service that made them feel more like a partner than a provider. During the cooperation, we've achieved good results and strengthened the site's position through link building, among other things.
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NDA (Industry: Advertising & Marketing) (Services: Link Building Solutions )
We used NaturalLinks because they are good for promotion and branding due to the link type and them being cost-effective. We custom ordered 120 links from them, and we ended up with 140, I was definitely happy with the unexpected overdelivery. The campaign was completed on time, and everything looks great! The end result was that we ended up balancing out our NF/DF ratio, balanced out link activity and authority spread across our pages
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NDA (Industry: Automation Software) (Services: Backlinking)
I am very pleased with the ongoing cooperation. They post links at good websites with DR>30. The most impressive is the large base of good domains to be used for improving our results.
Learn more on TrustPilot
Valeriia Zapolska (Industry: NDA) (Services: SEO, Link-Building)
Collaborating with has been a seamless and rewarding experience. They excel in delivering work efficiently and punctually, surpassing expectations with their dedication to excellence. Their meticulous approach and professionalism make them an invaluable partner. I highly recommend for their outstanding service quality.
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Artem (Industry: NDA) (Services: Link-Building)
NaturalLinks' link-building campaign increased our domain authority from 55 to 63 within two years, driving a 20% uptick in web traffic and enhancing our site's credibility.
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Anastasiia (Industry: NDA) (Services: Link-Building)
I've been collaborating with this link placement agency for some time now, focusing primarily on crowd and outreach efforts. I must say, the feedback from the crowd has consistently been overwhelmingly positive. The team at this agency exhibits exceptional quality in their work, showing not only a deep understanding of link placement strategies but also an unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of their clients.
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Alexandern(Industry: NDA) (Services: Backlinks, Crowd-Marketing)
I have been working with Natural Links for over 2 years now. During this time, I was given more than 10,000 links. The prices are affordable, and the service is top-notch. I can confidently recommend this company as a reliable partner.
NL Tech TeamMax

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FAQ - Link Building Services

What is link building?

Link building is the process of building quality external reference mass to a website in order to promote it in search engines. It is part of SEO promotion, which aims to acquire links from other domains being one of the most important factors affecting positions in Google search results.

Link building is not an easy task. It requires dedication and hard work to find a portal that will provide value to your domain through a link. Most certainly, nothing prevents anyone from purchasing links in a massive way from places of dubious quality. However, if you are interested in building links effectively, we recommend focusing on ethical methods.

What is a backlink profile?

In short, a website’s backlink profile is the sum of links and anchors (anchor text) that lead to that website. The link profile of any website can be generated either naturally or artificially. Natural generation means that a website may receive incoming links if it has interesting or useful information for its target audience, while an artificial link profile means that links are bought or leased from specialized advertising platforms. A very common definition is not ‘website link profile’, but reference mass’, which is the same definition. When looking at a website’s backlink profile, it is worth noting that it represents a particular category of links leading to a particular web resource. 

The key characteristics of a link profile are as follows

  • security;
  • growth dynamics;
  • site`s trust;
  • diversity and an anchor list.
Why is link building important?

Website promotion with links is an important SEO component, which improves the position of the resource. Proper use of links will get web pages to the top and strengthen a company’s credibility.

As soon as you decide to start link building, which scenario is preferred to get the desired result is the main thing you consider. Search engines use links to:

  • open new web pages;
  • help determine how well a page should rank in its results.

Once search engines have scanned pages on the web, they can extract the content of those pages and add it to their indexes. They can decide whether the system considers the quality of the page sufficient to rank well for relevant keywords. When deciding, search bots don’t just look at the content of the page. The number of links pointing to a potential donor page from external websites and their quality is determined.

Inhouse Link Building vs Outsourcing Link Building: What to choose?

You might think you have everything you need and can make it on your own, but link building is more than finding content on a website and building a link at the first opportunity.

Quality is more important than quantity in this case. This is one of the reasons why people choose to outsource link building. Besides that it is convenient, it also guarantees you contextual expertise.

Outsourcing allows you to focus on the more important things and spend more time on what you’re better at. This could be managing in-house staff, developing your business, or even overseeing your top-level search engine optimization strategy.

Other benefits of outsourcing include:

  • reduced routine;
  • diminished workload;
  • easier scalability.

Hiring SEO companies for initial set-up is a smart move for those who don’t have much experience in this field. Also, if you are determined to crush your competitors in search, it is highly recommended to seek help from professionals.

What is Link Building Strategy?

It is a plan of action, which should answer the question: of how to increase the number of backlinks for the site safely, with maximum results for a limited budget. Also, link building strategy should take into account the specific niche. Each segment requires different approaches and more or fewer resources. When putting together a link-building strategy, you also need to find out: 

  • whether the competitors grow through links;
  • where and how are the market leaders getting backlinks;
  • what can be done to get ahead of the competition through effective link-building?
White Hat Link Building vs Black Hat Link Building: What is the difference?

Both link-building and website promotion methods are divided into black, grey, and white.

Black or grey methods try to manipulate the search engine by sending artificial signals about the usefulness of the resource being promoted. Black methods are used in order to save the budget and in the gray zones, where quality links are extremely difficult to get, in principle,- e.g., in the field of betting, casinos, dating, etc. The main black methods include spam, PBN, 301-redirect, and hacking sites.

White methods are more time-consuming and costly, and at the same time do not violate search engine recommendations, so they are not subject to sanctions and filters. White methods include crowd-marketing, submits, outreach, and multi-level link building.

What Is A Quality Backlink?

Getting backlinks remains an important part of external search engine optimization. However, link quality has a greater impact than the number of backlinks.

Quality backlinks convey more authority or “link weight” and thus increase the credibility of your site. This high-quality link weight is key to boosting your search engine results pages.

Quality links are considered by search engines to be editorial links supplied by an author, an editor, or a webmaster after assessing the content of your site. If a person found the content useful and voluntarily linked to it, then it is valuable and useful.

The main criteria for link quality are considered to be

  • traffic potential, i.e. interested users clicking on links, and exploring content;
  • thematic relevance, i.e. overlap and broader or narrower thematic focus;
  • the reputation of a donor’s site, i.e. the users trust authoritative sites more than obscure resources.

In order for the editor of an authoritative resource to notice the content of a new site, the landing page has to come to his attention: in search, social media, an email list, a link in a messenger, etc.

How Long Does it Take to See Results from Link Building?

Perhaps every SEO professional involved in link building has heard the question from a client: “When will I see results? Clients want to see positive change as soon as possible, and you can not blame them for that. In practice, however, it can take 3 to 12 months before you see an improvement in site visibility as it takes a lot of money, work, and time to build quality links.

A few significant factors that affect the speed of link building process shall not be neglected are

  • The site`s credebiility;
  • Positive and negative traffic movements;
  • The popularity of the brand;
  • The types of pages providing the links;
  • The level of competition in the niche;
  • The client`s budget.
How much do Link Building Services cost?

Link building is not the free promotion of websites on search engines it requires allocating a certain budget for it.

It is impossible to predict the cheque in advance, but in any case, our company provides a full monthly report on the work carried out. The cost of link building service is determined by the website promotion and copywriting. The budget for buying links is estimated on a monthly basis and at any stage, the customer can adjust the amount of investment.

The average price per link varies and depends on how reputable the site is. For newly created sites, we offer budget fares.

How can I get started with Link Building Services?

You may send us a request by filling out an application form on our website. Specify your contact details and briefly describe your project, expected goals, deadlines, and the planned budget. Our manager will carry out an initial analysis and contact you with further questions in the shortest time. The final fare for link building services will be approved after all the issues have been agreed upon with the client.

Do you offer backlink profile audits as a service?

Yes, we carry out an analysis of the customer’s existing backlink profile which consists of

  • auditing the quality of existing backlinks;
  • extracting bad links;
  • analyzing the reference mass of competitors;
  • developing link building strategy for a quarter or half a year;
  • analyzing the profile of the site and offering recommendations on how to change it naturally.
Do you offer Competitors Backlink Profile Analysis as a service?

To build a quality link mass for a website, it is necessary to use the experience of competitors’ resources, which is what we do in the process of auditing the link profile of our customers. We usually analyze 3-10 competitor sites that rank highly for most queries from our semantic kernel.

Do you offer Outreach link building as a service?

Our company is ready to develop the best outreach strategy for you, and the cost of such links will be lower than other companies in the market. Outreach will be useful if:

  • you are selling goods or providing services that are in demand in the market;
  • links to your site can not be bought on the link exchanges;
  • you have a large amount of time, from 2 weeks to a month;
  • you have an available budget.
Do you offer Forum link building as a service?

Our company provides forum link building services to generate forum links by publishing responses in online forums, which promote your website. These links will help to increase first of all external optimization ranking, and brand awareness due to the activity of people on the forums, as well as to raise traffic and sales accordingly.

Do you offer PBN link building as a service?

Our agency has learned how to generate the perfect PBN. It is a tool used to create links to a website in order to increase its position in search engines. We will consult our clients on the PBN network and site satellites, build the infrastructure of servers for casting satellites, and do all the routine work of the promotions for you.

Do you offer Tier link building as a service?

We recommend our clients take advantage of our tier link building services due to the effectiveness of this strategy if they have the respective budget. This strategy is much more expensive than the classic one with single-tier links but it shows the results in the long-run perspective. If your resource is in the top ten, it doesn’t mean you can do nothing. Strengthening your already top sites with a mass of links is a very useful procedure that can help you either hold your position or move up the rankings. So, second-level conversions are a great way to attract more traffic to the resource you are promoting.

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