Glenn Gabe and His Role in Today’s SEO Community

Glenn Gabe is a specialized author, marketer, entrepreneur, and blogger. His contributions to the SEO community directly reflect his extensive experience of more than 25 years in digital marketing
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    Disclaimer: this article is aimed at sharing one of the most famous SEO career stories. This is not intended to demonstrate any affiliation or relation of a described personality to NL Tech or any part of Natural Links and its affiliates. Glenn Gabe is a specialized author, marketer, entrepreneur, and blogger. His contributions to the SEO community directly reflect his extensive experience of more than 25 years in digital marketing. He has held leading positions in various reputable companies, developed strong SEO-related knowledge, and helped his customers boost their online visibility.

    The following sections cover who Glenn Gabe is and his contribution to the SEO community.

    Who Is Glenn Gabe?

    Glenn Gabe has been working in digital marketing for more than 25 years. He has more recently been dedicating his time to helping various companies enhance their organic ranking on search engines.

    Glenn is currently an SEO consultant at G-Squared Interactive, aiding his customers in a broad range of SEO-related areas, including audits, training, and many more. He has worked in numerous industries, including finance, e-commerce, publishing, real estate, and even the military. His passion for the web debuted at an early stage. After graduating from college, he was one of the few lucky participants in a presentation at the IBM conference center. It was conducted by a marketing professional regarding the best-performing retail companies in the US. Although many participants left the room, Glenn was attracted.

    He knew back then that the Internet would turn into a decisive force for the marketing and advertising industries, so he wanted to be a part of the change as soon as possible.


    For almost a decade, Glenn worked for the Perrier Group of America, now known as Nestle Waters. He focused on creating and improving websites, and applications. He also worked more as new technologies appeared on the market, such as PHP, Flash, SQL, and others. He contributed to several Nestle Waters divisions’ well-being, especially those whose performance was staggering.

    In 2001, Glenn Gabe established G-Squared Interactive LLC, a firm aimed at helping other businesses take advantage of state-of-the-art technologies for marketing and advertising purposes. He developed an e-marketing platform, known as Heighten Marketing Technology, focusing on teaching customers to use a flash video application to boost their revenues. It also tracked critical activities in a .NET back-end.

    As a result, Heighten proved a success for different verticals. They included video production services, online auctions, health, fitness, etc. As his company’s list of customers continued to grow considerably due to the increasing popularity of the Internet, he was required to provide services beyond video-based marketing. The new demands turned his focus to areas such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, and others. In addition, he started to include web analytics packages in his work.

    About Glenn Gabe’s Blogging Career

    Glenn Gabe is a passionate blogger. He is the talented writer behind G-Squared Interactive’s blog, the Internet Marketing Driver, which discusses SEO strategy’s latest practices. He explores a broad array of relevant topics for website owners who want to increase their traffic. For instance, he discusses Google Search Console rankings, the SERP feature, image migrations, and the complexity of broad core algorithm updates, among others.

    He is also working at Search Engine Land, where he explores various subjects regarding advanced SEO. Previously, Glenn worked as a columnist for Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Journal.

    Contribution to the SEO Community

    Glenn started his SEO-based work early in his career. He worked for Yellowbook, a website with almost 20 million web pages that was based in Philadelphia. He was in charge of all their SEO-related operations. He was the Vice President and Director of Search Strategy at McCann Relationship Marketing Worldwide, a global agency headquartered in New York City. In addition, he held several key leadership positions for the US Army and Lunesta, among others.

    Moreover, he helped craft search capabilities at a global level, as McCann Relationship Marketing was working in more than 30 countries worldwide. Finally, Glenn offers SEO training via a course he developed. This covers a wide range of highly relevant topics, as it was designed to provide precious help to business owners, designers, marketing professionals, and developers.

    The course helps various professionals develop a solid understanding of SEO, and enhance traffic. It also boosts the visibility of their products and services in search engine results. His “Last Year in Search” presentation covers the last 12 months of changes in the Search industry. It’s always updated with the hottest trends, helping site owners stay up to speed on the latest Google changes.

    There is an abundance of information that tackles the latest changes, how these could impact companies, and how they affect the bottom line.

    Other Useful Resources

    Glenn has developed numerous resources for the SEO community. Some examples include:

    • The article helps to improve Web Story tracking and analyze user progress through the story; this leads to a better understanding of user engagement, finally leading to improved traffic
    • The case study discusses the problem caused by handling robots.txt files by both protocol and subdomain, which can result in conflicting crawling instructions
    • One more useful article that explains why mobile organic search traffic remained strong in comparison to desktop
    • The content piece that approaches the discrepancies between impressions and positions in Google Search Console
    • The article that approaches the differences in performance when comparing desktop to mobile
    • The article discusses how long site owners can wait until images lose signals after flawed URL migration; too much elapsed time results in the fact that the URLs have to build up rankings just like new ones for web search


    Glenn Gabe has made a substantial contribution to the SEO community. Apart from his interest in the web, which debuted more than 25 years ago, he has employed a unique mindset to address his clients’ needs. He associates specialized skills with marketing and sales expertise to handle all of his projects with a professional attitude.

    Glenn Gabe and His Role in Today’s SEO Community
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