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Today it all comes down to SEO. To get your company ranked higher in SERPs, you will obviously require value-added SEO content. It's not an easy task, because not everyone can offer good SEO writing services as a part of our full service SEO package. By ordering SEO content writing services from our company, you will get your SEO-friendly content written by professionals.
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Why Do Your Website Need SEO Content Writing Services?

SEO-Friendly Optimized Content Help to Rank
SEO content writing is important because first of all, it will let you immediately generate pages that cover the most out of many search queries, secondly, it is an important part of on-page optimization, and thirdly without SEO-friendly content you simply will not be ranked in SERPs. First-level and expert texts in conjunction with excellent presentation of content, in general, will be the key to successful website promotion, good behavioral factors, and the desire of visitors to return to the site again and again. And, you have to remember that the pages promoted should match the type of top competitors` pages.
You Do Not Have an SEO Content Strategy
Organic search engine promotion through SEO content writing is one of the most budget-friendly channels for attracting traffic. SEO content strategy is a plan of your company`s primary SEO goals, such as Leveling your positioning up in search system rankings, Increasing organic traffic, Expanding potential target audience. SEO strategy is needed to understand what promotion specialists should do to bring the site to the first positions of search engines and to get convertible organic traffic. If you set a goal to become more recognizable in the market and to break into the top search engine results you definitely need an SEO strategy.
Proper SEO Content Helps to Rank for Targeted Geo, Audience Keywords
SEO optimized content is vital for engaging audiences, expanding your customer base, and increasing your return on investment. You should be certain that your content is value-driven, engaging, and well-optimized to drive more traffic, and improve your brand image, therefore your target audience will always love it. User factors always show when a material is interesting and provided there is a lot of material on the site, your position will get ranked higher in search results. People usually prefer local products and services. With the right approach, SEO geo-targeting can be an effective way to attract a specific audience by creating more relevant content and focusing on region-specific keywords.

What Do You Get With SEO Content Writing Services by Natural Links

Our clients are people who are keeping up with the times and realizing that the quality content and optimization of the company website (including a deep knowledge of the current search engine algorithms and an understanding of the basic principles of Internet marketing) is one of the most effective and promising methods of promoting modern business in the network. We offer digital marketing solutions that take into account the specific characteristics of our client’s products and services and their buying behavior. We are always focused on finding the most profitable solutions.

SEO optimization and promotion with Natural Links SEO company will allow your website to:

  • raise overall appearance in search systems,
  • increase the flow of targeted visitors,
  • promote your brand, strengthen its recognition and credibility with customers,
  • increase the level of sales,
  • attract new partners,
  • and (in some cases) expand the area of your company`s activity.

We know how to make your business stable, strong, and profitable. The quality result is achieved through our extensive experience, a team of professionals, and complete immersion in the specifics of the product or service.

Go from 0 to 1,500 or from 50.000 to 150.000 organic clicks per month with the help of our effective content strategy!

Steps of Our SEO Content Writing Services

  • 01SEO Content Audit
  • 02SEO Keyword Niche Research
  • 03SEO Content Strategy Development
  • 04Web Content Writing
  • 05SEO Content Optimization
  • 06Implementation of SEO Content Strategy Reporting
01. SEO Content Audit
If the traffic on your site is decreasing and the percentage of lead conversions is dropping, it is the right time to do a content analysis to find out the reason for this trend. To get enough organic traffic with the purpose of achieving your business goals, your site shall be properly optimized for search engines. During the content SEO audit, Natural Links will identify the reasons why your website loses its traffic, understand what keywords your users are searching for, adjust the structure of your website, optimize product or service categories according to current demand, and provide relevant content. In addition, we will analyze your competitors and thus get an idea of their SEO tactics and the most common content, which you might consider in developing a promotion strategy to improve SEO results.
What you get
  • analysis of the existing content for SEO and user experience
  • weak points and recommendations for fixing them
02. SEO Keyword Niche Research
Conducting keyword niche research Natural Links will analyze the sites that occupy the leading positions in the extradition, study the semantics of these sites, reference profile, structure, and internal optimization. SEO keyword research keyword gives a precise idea of what people are looking for and buying on the marketplace, and identifies a niche with low competition, revealing what categories and keywords are "traffic-generating" for your competitors. Turning to us, you can be sure that you will get the most detailed analysis of the niche, competitors' keyword research, effective recommendations, and a step-by-step strategy taking into account the information collected.
What you get
  • defined target audience for your content
  • suggestions for the tone of voice of your copy
  • uniqueness and readability requirements
  • recommendations on word count, presence of additional elements in the text, etc.
03. SEO Content Strategy Development
Developing an SEO content strategy with the purpose of achieving your website promotion goals, the Natural Links team will
  • set goals, depending on what the client wants to achieve: attract new users, retain existing users, launch a new product, or something else,
  • analyze the audience to find out who you're creating the product for, and the competitors to choose effective and low-competitive channels and formats,
  • choose communication channels. Depending on the input data, you will receive a mix of channels. develop a content plan clearly defining why you want to publish content regularly, and what your goal is,
  • measure the effectiveness of the content after its publication, and consider the necessary links and buttons.
04. Web Content Writing
To increase traffic and ensure the popularity of your website, you need to constantly update your content using SEO optimized texts via the correct selection and distribution of keys, as well as the uniqueness of the content, which affects the ranking of an article in search engines. Natural Links is a company with vast experience in providing services on optimized SEO Content Writing at affordable prices. The most effective option is to delegate content creation and promotion to our team of specialists, who are capable of generating any content strictly following the determined technical specifications for each individual type of content. This solution will help you save time and money, and most importantly, get predictable quality.
What you get
  • detailed content strategy and content plan
  • freedom of choosing the content type: from Twitter posts to long-read blog entries
  • valuable content that attracts readers
  • content that ranks well in search engines
05. SEO Content Optimization
Ordering SEO content optimization from our company is a profitable and affordable opportunity to increase the number of visitors or the number of sales. Our team takes care of all the tasks involved in promoting your site on Google: from technical audits to optimized content preparation, and link building. We also constantly monitor the positions and visibility of your site by introducing updates to increase website conversion and search engine ranking. Work is carried out in the direction of improving usability and technical optimization, content, link profile, and behavioral factors.
What you get
  • more keyword-rich content
  • more relevant links between pages on your site
  • better user experience
  • more conversions
06. Implementation of SEO Content Strategy Reporting
Implementation of a successful SEO content strategy accompanied by genuine helpful content give pretty amazing results to the business success of a company. We are ready to adjust to the client`s requirements regarding the reports on all our actions taken to promote the resource.
By entrusting your work to Natural Links` SEO specialists, you will get the following results:
  • advanced work on website optimization,
  • your brand recognition,
  • increasing the number of customers and sales,
  • flexible terms and conditions of cooperation,
  • fast solution of the assigned tasks,
  • constant communication with our specialists,
  • extensive weekly reports on the work done and a monthly assessment of the review performance.

Client Testimonials

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Sofiia Yanul (Industry: Digital Marketing) (Services: Link Building)
NaturalLinks helps us build high-quality pillow links for different projects we work on (e-commerce, dating, educational, etc.). The partnership helped us to get a large number of quality backlinks within the specified timeframe from quality and relevant resources, which led to boosting the “authority” of website pages in the eyes of Google. Communication is always at its best level. The team works quickly and efficiently, is flexible to any changes or requirements, project deadlines are always met, and if any problems arise during the execution of tasks, they are warned and agreed upon in advance. Over the 2 years of partnership, any problems have been resolved quickly and efficiently with the best possible result.
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NDA (Industry: iGaming) (Services: Link Building & Content Writing)
Thanks to NaturalLinks' efforts, we saw an increase in traffic and referral domains, significantly exceeding our expectations and contributing to our business goals. What set NaturalLinks apart was their deep expertise in iGaming, coupled with unparalleled customer service that made them feel more like a partner than a provider. During the cooperation, we've achieved good results and strengthened the site's position through link building, among other things.
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NDA (Industry: Advertising & Marketing) (Services: Link Building Solutions )
We used NaturalLinks because they are good for promotion and branding due to the link type and them being cost-effective. We custom ordered 120 links from them, and we ended up with 140, I was definitely happy with the unexpected overdelivery. The campaign was completed on time, and everything looks great! The end result was that we ended up balancing out our NF/DF ratio, balanced out link activity and authority spread across our pages
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NDA (Industry: Automation Software) (Services: Backlinking)
I am very pleased with the ongoing cooperation. They post links at good websites with DR>30. The most impressive is the large base of good domains to be used for improving our results.
Learn more on TrustPilot
Valeriia Zapolska (Industry: NDA) (Services: SEO, Link-Building)
Collaborating with has been a seamless and rewarding experience. They excel in delivering work efficiently and punctually, surpassing expectations with their dedication to excellence. Their meticulous approach and professionalism make them an invaluable partner. I highly recommend for their outstanding service quality.
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Artem (Industry: NDA) (Services: Link-Building)
NaturalLinks' link-building campaign increased our domain authority from 55 to 63 within two years, driving a 20% uptick in web traffic and enhancing our site's credibility.
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Anastasiia (Industry: NDA) (Services: Link-Building)
I've been collaborating with this link placement agency for some time now, focusing primarily on crowd and outreach efforts. I must say, the feedback from the crowd has consistently been overwhelmingly positive. The team at this agency exhibits exceptional quality in their work, showing not only a deep understanding of link placement strategies but also an unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of their clients.
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Alexandern(Industry: NDA) (Services: Backlinks, Crowd-Marketing)
I have been working with Natural Links for over 2 years now. During this time, I was given more than 10,000 links. The prices are affordable, and the service is top-notch. I can confidently recommend this company as a reliable partner.
NL Tech TeamMax

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FAQ - SEO Content Writing Services

What Is SEO Content Writing?

Content writing for SEO is the process of creating useful keyword-focused information in order to appear on the homepage of a search engine such as Google and attracting organic traffic to the site. Content writing encompasses many different forms of textual content. Each type can serve a different purpose and promote a brand in different ways.

Among the most common formats used are the following:

  • articles,
  • product descriptions (and related content),
  • website content,
  • Email newsletters,
  • press releases,
  • E-books.

These different content formats can reach potential customers at different stages of the sales funnel, so their goal is to move that person further toward the ultimate goal: closing the deal (or making a follow-up sale in the case of returning customers).

Why SEO Content Writing Is So Important?

The significance of having interesting and unique content on a website has long been taken into account. The role of this factor in search engine promotion is gradually increasing. Well-written content builds relationships with your audience and encourages visitors to come back to your website. However, simply good text and content for search engine promotion are two different things. The main requirement for just a good text is uniqueness and literacy. For SEO the main thing is that the text spells out key phrases in a given amount. They will be considered when ranking pages. If you are just starting out a new business, you have to think carefully about your writing style, brand guidelines, and anything else that will help your brand grow before you can develop a marketing plan.

If you have been a growing business for a long time and do not benefit from writing new content, it is worth starting now. 

Why Do You Need an SEO Content Strategy?

A content strategy is the starting point for working on the blog on the company`s website and social media accounts. Without an overall concept, it will be difficult to generate audience interest and find newsworthy posts. Producing articles or posts at random, relying on inspiration will lead to draining budgets without expected profits.

It streamlines your team’s work: setting clear objectives for content creation and production, defining goals, and providing measurable metrics for performance analysis. Both a short-term and long-term content strategy helps to: 

  • determine which topics will “reach” the audience better,
  • increase the loyalty of subscribers on social networks and users who visit the company’s website to study the brand’s products, 
  • identify weak points of competitors; find newsbreak that motivates an audience to make a purchase or seek advice,
  • understand what content formats are suitable for various promotion channels; evaluate the profit a brand can gain from publications; work hard on promotion without waiting for inspiration to write another post or expert article.
How much do on-page SEO Content Writing Services cost?

Considering our basic price list you will see that the prices for our services are much lower compared to our competitors. Customers are first and foremost part of any business. Discounts and a flexible payment system are available to regular customers. while our new customers may use our expertise via other promotional packages. In addition, when the topic of the work is well known to the author and it won’t take much time to research you can expect to get a discount. However, in the case of some narrow specialization, the prices may be a bit higher. The final fee of each text can vary depending on the customer’s specific requirements and a million details which are subject to discussion with each particular client.

How can I get started with SEO Content Writing Services?

You can start cooperation with our company by requesting an audit of your website with its content. You have to fill out a form on our site leaving detailed comments on the request and our experts will get back to you in the short term in the most convenient way. We make technical and SEO audits of the whole project where our experts conduct thorough niche and keyword research and give clear recommendations on how to fill your resource with SEO-optimized content. We make an individual plan of recommendations for each client to improve landing pages, product cards, etc.

As a result, over time, your website will achieve prominence in Google search results, and web traffic will increase. Natural Links is an experienced player in the field of writing services for various purposes and filling sites SEO optimized content for over 6 years. Our case list and feedbacks from our clients are available on our website.

How Long Do SEO Content Writing Services Take?

Content writing is a continuous process, and on average it takes up to 2 weeks for a deep immersion in the topic. We can offer the services of our company`s copywriters but also you can cope with it o your own using our detailed terms of reference.

Practice shows that the first results of site promotion start to appear after 2-4 months of work. When we send you a progress report we also compare the dynamics of traffic, position, and pageviews in search engines with the previous period, so you can clearly see how the performance of the project is growing.

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