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Just like a health check-up, your website needs a regular SEO audit to make sure it's in top shape. The website SEO audit service comprises a comprehensive analysis of your website's technical and content aspects, and efficient recommendations to get better in search engine rankings. Discover more how to ensure the long-term prosperity of your website.
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How Website SEO Audit Can Help?

Identify Technical & On Page Issues that Need to be Fixed
In most cases, it's impossible to identify technical and on-page issues on a website without a thorough audit. These issues can manifest themselves in various ways, such as the site not growing organically, a drop in traffic, or worsening behavioral factors of users on the site. To pinpoint the root cause of these issues, a detailed exploration of the site is necessary, and this is where an SEO audit comes in. With a thorough examination, technical and on-page troubles can be identified and addressed, ultimately leading to improved search engine visibility, finer user experience, and increased traffic and conversions.
Identify Your Сompetitors & Monitoring Their SEO Strategy
To get to the top of the search results and attract more users, you should pay special attention to sites that are already in the top positions for the queries you are interested in. The SEO specialist takes several top sites from the search results and does a website SEO audit at all levels: technical audit, and analysis of on page and off page optimization. A comprehensive audit not only helps to identify the weak points of your own website, but also to study your competitors. After conducting a competitor analysis, you can grasp why they rank better than you and what promotion strategies they use.
Identify Website Backlinks
Not all links will help you in the promotion. Some may have no effect at all, and some may even harm. Without even knowing it, a site may be violating Google guidelines about link spam. Therefore, it is crucial to know who links to your website. It is possible to identify weak points in the backlink profile only if the backlink profile itself is comprehensively audited.
Identify Ranking of Your Keywords and Progress
Keyword research is a fundamental aspect of any SEO strategy. A comprehensive audit allows you to understand which key queries which pages on the website are ranked for. This, in turn, will answer the following questions: Do you have the right content strategy? How to improve it? And is the content on your site valuable?
Adaptability to Changing Search Algorithms
Each update of the search algorithms in search engines can both improve the position of your website and make it worse. That is why a comprehensive audit is needed to understand what exactly should be fixed on the website in order to survive the search engine updates. After all, sometimes updates can have a critical impact on the site and its position.

What Do You Get With a SEO Website Audit by Natural Links

Detailed report of your website’s performance: with a list of issues that are affecting your ranking

Extensive competitors and niche SEO research with highlighted areas of your possible improvement

Step-by-step strategy for future SEO activities with estimated results and budgets

According to our stats, websites get at least +30% in conversions in the first 2 months, just from improving the website structure and meta tags.

Steps of Our SEO Audit Services

  • 01Technical Audit
  • 02On Page Audit
  • 03SEO Keyword Audit
  • 04Backlink Profile Audit
  • 05Competitor Analysis
  • 06SEO Projection and Action Plan
01. Technical Audit
Our website technical SEO audit is a full analysis of the technical area, including its structure, coding, and performance. We use advanced tools and techniques to identify issues and areas for improvement, and our experienced team provides efficient recommendations tailored to your specific needs and goals.
The full technical SEO audit of your website includes:
  • analysis of the website structure and proper functioning of its navigation;
  • analysis of layout quality;
  • checking website loading speed;
  • URL generation;
  • checking server settings;
  • hosting quality analysis;
  • analysis of individual website elements;
  • analysis of all website indexing settings;
  • writing a report containing the detected problems and recommendations for their elimination.
02. On Page Audit
Our comprehensive on page audit involves a detailed examination of your website's structure and content, with a particular emphasis on aspects that impact both its user experience and search engine ranking. Through a meticulous assessment of title tags, meta descriptions, keyword usage, content quality, and internal linking, we can offer practical suggestions to optimize your pages for maximum performance and visibility. By utilizing our on page audit, you can enhance your website's relevance and functionality, which can ultimately translate into increased search engine rankings and more engaged users.
The on page SEO audit of your website includes:
  • metadata analysis;
  • text content analysis;
  • structured data implementation analysis;
  • structure and internal linking analysis;
  • loading speed of various types of pages;
  • usability and optimization for mobile devices.
03. SEO Keyword Audit
Our comprehensive SEO audit is a way to identify the most relevant and valuable keywords for your business and optimize your content accordingly. By targeting the right keywords, you can increase your website's visibility and attract more qualified traffic to your site.
The SEO keyword audit of your website includes:
  • defining a customer profile to understand their intentions and what words they will use to search for your service, product or problem;
  • semantic site analysis;
  • identify topics relevant to your business;
  • search and list niche keywords and phrases;
  • keyword grouping by user intent and semantic search;
  • testing keywords for conversions and frequency.
04. Backlink Profile Audit
Through SEO backlink audit, our experts will correctly analyze the link profile of your resource to make optimization more efficient. We will identify all toxic links and make sure that links to your website have only a positive effect on its reputation and position in the rankings.
The SEO audit of your backlink profile includes:
  • search for all links directed to your website;
  • overview of the domains they are hosted on;
  • review of anchors and other parameters;
  • compiling a list of quality and toxic links;
  • suggesting a strategy to increase the number of quality links and find reputable donor sites to host them depending on the niche.
05. Competitor Analysis
Our SEO competitor analysis is comprehensive and meticulous, providing valuable insights and strategies to help you get better in your search engine rankings and outperform your competitors.
The full SEO analysis service of your competitors includes:
  • identifying and listing competitors using advanced tools;
  • identifying content types that drive the most traffic;
  • determining of volumes and sources of traffic: organic and PPC;
  • studying and compiling keywords that opponents use, unlike you;
  • determining trustworthiness and spam metrics;
  • designating of SEO strategies used by competitors (link building, content, on-page and off-page, etc.);
  • systematization of data received during SEO audit of competitors;
  • tabulation of research data and comparison with your website;
  • drawing up suggestions on content strategy.
06. SEO Projection and Action Plan
As a result of all activities mentioned we create a clear plan of website improvements and support strategy to grow your online presence.
What you can expect after our SEO audit:
  • an extensive report on the website's SEO status, including technical and on-page optimization issues, content analysis, backlink analysis, and more;
  • detailed descriptions of all issues found on the site, along with recommendations on how to address them;
  • a clear and actionable plan of action with SEO strategies that outlines the recommended sequence of steps to fully optimize your website for search engines;
  • a projection of the potential traffic and revenue you can expect if you follow the recommendations outlined in the report and action plan.

Client Testimonials

They are reliable partners and I like their management style.
Andriy Lykhodid
Their style of work is impressive. Every task was done just in time and with high quality.
Denys Rudik
We use naturallinks to promote our website ;) They post links at good websites with DR>30. I am very pleased with the cooperation.
I am a CBDO at a game development studio (one of our portfolio companies), and we have used Natural Links for organic promotion. As a result, organic channel occupies 25% of our sales funnel at the moment. We're building a new site and plan to continue with Natural Links at a new site for sure.
I have been working with the company for over 2 years. Completely satisfied with the result, links are placed in time and in sufficient quantity. There is a guarantee of removal. I recommend everyone!
Recommend NaturalLinks to those seeking solutions for their crowd link-building campaign. They use only trusted and natural methods. I have already ordered three times and do not plan to stop.
F. Kyle
Great link building service, would recommend to anyone. Fast turn around. Nice Skype communication.
Igaming company team
Great service, very good communication, corrected minor preferences promptly & efficiently. Good service so far!

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Should You Invest in an SEO Audit Package?

Whether your site is new or recently updated, a site audit is needed to optimize user experience, page visibility in search engines, and more. SEO Audit Package helps to choose the right strategy to enrich all the parameters of the website and identify risks in case of untimely elimination of the found shortcomings.

Even if your website seems to be generating enough traffic and making some profit, don’t be content with your success. Correcting errors and weaknesses identified during a full SEO audit can significantly increase the performance of your resource.

In general, a full audit of a small website is recommended once a year and after major changes.

How Can I Get Started With an SEO Audit Service?

To proceed to an SEO audit service, the first thing you should do is to define your goals. Knowing your goals will help you focus your efforts during the audit process. Then you can proceed to the selection of the audit executor. If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced SEO service provider, consider Natural Links. Fill out a short form to get in touch with a team of experienced SEO audit professionals today. You can mark a convenient channel for contacting you and indicate your site for audit directly in the feedback form so that our specialist can make a sketchy preliminary assessment.

How Long Do SEO Audit Services Take?

The duration of an SEO audit can vary depending on the complexity of the website and the depth of the analysis required. Generally, a basic audit can take a few days to complete, while a comprehensive audit can take several weeks.

A basic SEO audit will typically involve a review of the website’s structure, content, and meta tags. This type of audit is relatively quick and can be completed within a few days.

On the other hand, an extensive SEO audit will involve a more in-depth analysis of the website’s technical aspects, content quality, keyword research, backlink profile, and competitor analysis. This type of audit can take several weeks to complete.

Do You Offer Backlink Profile Audits as a Service?

Yes, we offer a backlink profile audit as one of our SEO audit services. Our team of experts analyzes the quality and quantity of your backlinks, identifies any toxic or harmful links, and provides advice on improving your backlink profile to boost your website’s search engine rankings. Contact us today to learn more about our backlink profile audit service.

Do You Offer SEO Keyword Audit as a Service?

Yes, Natural Links offers SEO keyword audit as a part of our comprehensive SEO audit service. Our keyword analysis includes a review of your website’s current keyword rankings, identifying potential opportunities for new keywords, and providing recommendations for optimizing your website’s content to improve search engine visibility for your targeted keywords.

Do You Offer on Page SEO Audit as a Service?

Yes, Natural Links offers on-page SEO audit as a part of our full SEO audit service. Our on-page analysis includes a detailed review of your website’s content, metadata, and technical structure to identify areas for optimization. We provide recommendations for improving your website’s on-page SEO factors such as titles, headings, meta descriptions, image optimization, and internal linking to define its relevance and boost authority in search engines.

Do You Offer Technical SEO Audit as a Service?

Yes, Natural Links offers technical SEO audit as a part of our comprehensive SEO audit service. Our technical analysis includes a thorough review of your website’s backend structure, site speed, mobile optimization, XML sitemaps, and more. We provide recommendations for improving your website’s technical SEO factors to ensure it is crawlable, indexable, and easily accessible to search engines, ultimately improving its visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

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