Natural Links — a specialized service for promoting websites by placing natural links.
In Natural Links you are allowed to promote:
  1. Websites in English, German, French, Russian, Ukrainian (in the future the list will be expanded);
  2. Websites of any subject, with the exception of those that violate international laws and agreements.
We reserve the right to refuse to work with sites with narrow and specific topics. The request is reviewed individually.
Thanks to the use of Natural Links, the links to the promoted website are left exactly where the target audience is: in the comments to thematic articles and blogs, in conversations on forums, etc.
The links correspond to the context, and the posts contain useful information about the company and the competitive advantages of the advertised product.
Statistics show that only internet users who are interested in the advertised positions are clicking on such links.
In the end, the behavioral activity on the site increases and, as a result, the position in search results gets a better ranking.
To start promoting the website using the Natural Links service, no professional skills are needed.
Simply select the language and region of the website being promoted, add a list of URLs/anchors and add your own recommendations.
The rest of the work will be done by the system. The Natural Links service is based on a multi-level control system.
With this approach, each donor-source of links is analyzed step by step by algorithms and service staff.
The process is organized according to a three-stage system:
  1. Donor selection in accordance with your target audience, subject, region, etc.
  2. Execution of tasks. Specially trained personnel (only native speakers!) write and publish posts with a natural link. The work is carried out keeping in mind the specified anchor or without it, the region and the company's activities.
  3. Review of the finished tasks. If there is a discrepancy with the service requirements, tasks are sent by the moderator for revision or new personnel is selected.
All natural links are published permanently and are validated by algorithms every day during the warranty period.
If the service detects that the link has been deleted, a task for its replacement will be automatically generated.
For links created using the service, there is a warranty without a statute of limitations.
Each link-builder is necessarily trained in Natural Links school, participates in virtual classes and webinars.
In addition, we constantly update the requirements for the implementation of the ToR and the methodology.
Natural link — a third-party link to a site that is posted on other resources in the form of a recommendation, example, or clarification. Compared to other variations of links, natural links:
  1. are purely thematic, consistent with the context;
  2. are published on visited and credible resources;
  3. increase the behavioral activity on the website;
  4. promote resource trustworthiness for search engines, which leads to a better ranking position in the search results;
  5. most often are published together with information about the company or its products/services;
  6. are the safest way to promote;
  7. no more than 50% of all project links get a nofollow.
You can get familiarized with examples on the screenshots: Natural Links examples 1
Natural Links examples 2
Natural Links examples 3
Natural Links examples 4
Natural Links examples 5
In three years of the Natural Links system operation, none of our clients fell under the effect of filters.
The only exception may be companies that, in addition to our service, will use “black” methods of acquiring links.
An accumulation of natural links to the website is not subject to sanctions.
After all, these are publications written in human language for people and consistent with the context.
Natural links do not include artificial anchors (like “buy a stove cheap quick”) and users interested in the offer actually click on them.
If search engines begin to block websites only for the presence of "live" links, no position will get into the search results.
Links are the skeleton of the network.
Users share thousands of links on daily basis and will do so in the future, even if search engines cease to exist.
It is impossible to leave a "live" link instantly because before you publish a post, you must register on the site, fill in the required fields, upload a photo, and then create a profile.
Otherwise, created posts will be perceived as spam.
In order to “advance”, the writer needs to write a number of other messages on the selected forum, add several users as friends, and only then post a link post.
It takes about 5–15 days for link builders to complete assignments.
With a large order, dates are determined individually.
The exact timing depends on:
  1. The complexity of the work. If the subject matter is narrowly focused (professional equipment, special equipment, medical, legal or financial services), link builders are given additional time to delve into the material.
  2. The number of ideal websites. If it is impossible to find the required number of donors that meet the criteria for Natural Links, the personnel forms special posts and even topics. Thus, it is possible to interest the public in the product being promoted.
  3. The overall link builders’ workload. At the beginning of each month, the service creates new tasks based on a specific budget. Thus, tasks generated in the specified period can be performed for a little longer.
  4. Order size. With large orders (from 500 links), it takes more time and effort to find necessary websites.
All created tasks are performed in the order they are received, and for the most uniform time distribution of links, the service imposes special restrictions.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to specify exactly when the links will be processed by search engines.
Indexing can take from 7 days to 1.5 months.
However, we are doing our best to speed up the process.
For example, we create a 100% natural and diverse reference profile to promote resource trustworthiness for search engines.
Payment can be made using all types of electronic payments or MASTERCARD, VISA cards.
The minimum payment in all payment systems, except for non-cash transfers, is $10.
Websites that operate for more than 1 year, will be in the top in 2.5-4 months.
With the promotion of newer or new resources, this period will be equal to 4.5-6 months.
The terms can also vary based the region, the relevance of the subject and niche competition.
Links have a Lifetime warranty without a statute of limitations.
During its valid period, Natural Links system checks all links every day.
If you delete a post from a page or the page is not available for 3 days, the system automatically generates a new task for the link builder.
A deleted link replacement is free, and the warranty period is extended by a time that it took to create a new link.
As a rule, editing of published posts is available for 3–24 hours after posting.
We follow these rules because we do not contact website owners and do not use scripts.
If you really want to delete it, we will do our best to remove the link. However, we cannot give a 100% guarantee of success of such actions.