How crowd marketing works for your business

Lacking a clear understanding of what Crowd Marketing is, many entrepreneurs deprive themselves of the opportunity to expand their business and increase their income without making an incredible effort.

Therefore, we decided to tell you what the point of crowd marketing is and how it can be useful to your business.

The main benefit comes from:

  • Links from forums and platforms that help to expand the anchor profile of the site, transfer links from trustworthy resources, and links with relevant post content, show Google that the site is popular in the local community, and thus raise it higher in organic search results.


  • Social buzz – social signals from forums and platforms, participation in thematic and relevant discussions, increasing brand mentions for the audience that discusses the problems that this brand solves.


  • Articles on news and thematic platforms – most often there is an opportunity to comment on a published article or news, start a discussion of the event with other users, and this is an excellent opportunity for placing crowd marketing links.

Benefits of crowd marketing for businesses

Crowd marketing brings two key values to your business:

  • Boost of organic traffic. Your business gets revenue from the targeted traffic that comes to your website from the search engines. Crowd marketing can help you boost this traffic x10 or even x15 over a year at minimal effort.


  • Increase in brand awareness. Crowd marketing promotes a brand through active lively discussions on online resources. This helps those who hesitate to make a decision in your favor. Currently, 60% of users claim to believe real user reviews more than official ads. Crowd marketing creates user-generated-like content that helps you engage those 60%.

How the growth in mentions increases sales to business

Well, there is a direct interrelation:

The growth of mention (links) = growth in visibility = growth in traffic. 

Organic growth = lead growth.

Growth in mentions is an indicator of market interest in your product. The more people talk about your brand – the more they are likely to buy your product. Here is how this can influence your sales:

  • On the technical side – an increase in the number of mentions grows the brand’s visibility to search engines which leads to an increase in organic traffic. And more traffic leads to more sales from your site.
  • On the user’s side. When people want to buy something and hesitate about what to choose, they search for opinions and reviews online. The more positive mentions they see online – the more likely they are to buy. Our practice shows that after growing the volume of mentions by 400 mentions a month, a consumer electronics brand that we worked with increased the sales in the promoted markets by 20% which has boosted their revenue by extra $5mln after the spending of $10K per month on mentions.

Premium quality crowd marketing

Is it safe to use forum links

It is hardly possible to be banned for building up your natural link mass.

After all, these are links designed by the people and for the people.

They are naturally placed in the context of the chat, do not contain commercial anchors such as “urgently buy a car at half price”, and interested users follow them.

If search engines penalize only for placing external links, there will be no sites left in organic search results.

It is essential to remember that links are a fundamental part of the Internet.

People distribute dozens of links every day and they will keep on doing so even if the search engines themselves will cease to exist.

Could links from forums give a rapid increase in positions?

It has been proven that with the right approach, thorough knowledge of how everything works, and, of course, everything also depends on the quality of the site itself, the first fruits can be seen in several months or even less.

Here is a case of the result that the site with a zero web presence (drop domain) got in just a month after using the crowd marketing methods:

Traffic increase graph

But for an existing site with a history, the first results should be tracked in 5-6 months, as is the case with this client:

Organic traffic growth

Also, it is worth noting that crowd marketing, like any off-site SEO activity, works only together with regular work on the website, on-page SEO, stuffing with relevant, interesting content, and so on.

The hard facts above don’t lie, which means that promoting a business with crowd marketing is a great solution in terms of efficiency and return on investment.

Erik Ivanov

Co-Founder in Natural Links

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Willing to bring the ideas of safe and effective SEO to the commercial world.

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