Natural Links Case Study: SEO Services for a Software Development Company

Increased brand organic traffic in various GEO’s. During the first year traffic was boosted x30, another 6 months we managed to boost it – x55.
Conversion rate into queries was achieved.
NaturalLinks SEO Services Case for SaaS Brand



The software development company (under NDA), which provides digital transformation and IT consulting services for mid-sized and enterprise businesses worldwide, was founded in 2014. They are committed to a custom approach to every client, successfully completed hundreds of projects, and have more than 20 reviews on Clutch with an average of 4.9/5 stars.

Main Goals & Challenges

Increase the amount of organic traffic to the level of the client’s direct competitors. The level of traffic of such type should be at least 10K Monthly Unique Visitors.
Achieve at least a 2% conversion rate from organic traffic based on the desired traffic amount.

Strategy and Implementation

The first thing we did was to create a Road Map and identify the actions to be performed at all SEO work steps.

The document consisted of the following main steps:
а) Niche analysis and competitors analysis for identification of the main points of growth
b) Recommendations for improving the website based on competitor analysis
c) Content + link building plan
d) Development of a strategy for the promotion within 1 year
e) Technical audit of the website
f) Monthly SEO work activities that cover the previous steps
Based on our analysis, we put together a document with recommendations for improvements to the project.

The information included: the implementation of new blocks on the services’ pages, optimization of the blog for usability, as well as compliance with the website’s E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) Google requirements.
Since the blog is the main source of organic traffic (it was determined during the niche analysis), we worked out the layout of the page posts to improve engagement with the client’s services and redirect traffic to the internal services pages. Special blocks with a call to action, promotional offers, and text linking were added.
We added new pages of services, thus expanding the coverage of important search queries.
According to the content plan, 52 informational articles were added to the blog within 1 year, written according to special terms of references made by us.
Conducted a technical audit which helped to ensure a solid foundation for the most effective further SEO works possible.
As part of the link building strategy for 1 year, 1200 unique referring domains were added to the backlink profile.
350 of them were guest posts and 850 consisted of the crowd-marketing links. A large number of guest posts gave a significant increase in the domain’s authority and trust.
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NaturalLinks SEO Services Case for SaaS Brand
  • Within 1 year of work on SEO, the client’s website organic traffic grew from 400 unique visitors to 12 thousand per month. Six months later, during another Google Core Update, positions for many keywords have increased significantly and organic traffic grew to 22 thousand per month.
NaturalLinks SEO Services Case for SaaS Brand
  • With such a small initial amount of organic traffic, conversions were almost non-existent. As a result of the work performed, 2% of the total organic traffic from the blog was converted into queries, and 15% of these queries were converted into the sale of a service.
  • Direct search traffic to service pages, had a much higher conversion rate to requests – 14%. But due to the low frequency of keywords it had a low volume. Accordingly, the number of people who converted into sales from the blog was higher.

Client Testimonials

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Sofiia Yanul (Industry: Digital Marketing) (Services: Link Building)
NaturalLinks helps us build high-quality pillow links for different projects we work on (e-commerce, dating, educational, etc.). The partnership helped us to get a large number of quality backlinks within the specified timeframe from quality and relevant resources, which led to boosting the “authority” of website pages in the eyes of Google. Communication is always at its best level. The team works quickly and efficiently, is flexible to any changes or requirements, project deadlines are always met, and if any problems arise during the execution of tasks, they are warned and agreed upon in advance. Over the 2 years of partnership, any problems have been resolved quickly and efficiently with the best possible result.
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NDA (Industry: iGaming) (Services: Link Building & Content Writing)
Thanks to NaturalLinks’ efforts, we saw an increase in traffic and referral domains, significantly exceeding our expectations and contributing to our business goals. What set NaturalLinks apart was their deep expertise in iGaming, coupled with unparalleled customer service that made them feel more like a partner than a provider. During the cooperation, we’ve achieved good results and strengthened the site’s position through link building, among other things.
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NDA (Industry: Advertising & Marketing) (Services: Link Building Solutions )
We used NaturalLinks because they are good for promotion and branding due to the link type and them being cost-effective. We custom ordered 120 links from them, and we ended up with 140, I was definitely happy with the unexpected overdelivery. The campaign was completed on time, and everything looks great! The end result was that we ended up balancing out our NF/DF ratio, balanced out link activity and authority spread across our pages
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NDA (Industry: Automation Software) (Services: Backlinking)
I am very pleased with the ongoing cooperation. They post links at good websites with DR>30. The most impressive is the large base of good domains to be used for improving our results.
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Valeriia Zapolska (Industry: NDA) (Services: SEO, Link-Building)
Collaborating with has been a seamless and rewarding experience. They excel in delivering work efficiently and punctually, surpassing expectations with their dedication to excellence. Their meticulous approach and professionalism make them an invaluable partner. I highly recommend for their outstanding service quality.
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Artem (Industry: NDA) (Services: Link-Building)
NaturalLinks’ link-building campaign increased our domain authority from 55 to 63 within two years, driving a 20% uptick in web traffic and enhancing our site’s credibility.
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Anastasiia (Industry: NDA) (Services: Link-Building)
I’ve been collaborating with this link placement agency for some time now, focusing primarily on crowd and outreach efforts. I must say, the feedback from the crowd has consistently been overwhelmingly positive. The team at this agency exhibits exceptional quality in their work, showing not only a deep understanding of link placement strategies but also an unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of their clients.
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Alexandern(Industry: NDA) (Services: Backlinks, Crowd-Marketing)
I have been working with Natural Links for over 2 years now. During this time, I was given more than 10,000 links. The prices are affordable, and the service is top-notch. I can confidently recommend this company as a reliable partner.
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