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In SEO, Acceptor is a media source (web page, document, image, etc.) linked through another website (the Donor).

The connection between the two is vital as it improves the position in the Acceptor’s search results.

Placing your outbound link on a credible donor website helps you to boost your resource online and increase visibility within the search engines.

Definition of Target Site/Resource (Acceptor)

Donor and Acceptor are one of the most popular tools in digital marketing and search engine optimization.

We can define Acceptor as a web resource (landing page, website, etc.) connected with the inbound link to a Donor web resource with certain credibility for the search engines.

A trustworthy link increases the Acceptor’s position in the search engines and attracts more traffic.

The same media source can be Donor and Acceptor at the same time.

Target and Source Resources Interrelation

There are few things to pay attention to in a Donor and Acceptor relationship.

They should work in the same domain or demonstrate a clear and transparent connection.

The content should also be relatively similar. For example, a dating site’s outbound link to a small local vendor looks strange and suspicious for the search engine crawlers.

Also, the Donor platform resourcefulness has to be on point to make it work for the Acceptor.

The popular resources with many visitors generate a strong traffic flow for the Acceptor and have credibility for the search engines.

Besides, the Donor web resource should live: it has to present some new content regularly. The crawlers return for the Donor site to index new content and move its positions up.

The webmaster or SEO specialist should avoid the excessive use of one Donor.

The bunch of outbound links from one Donor, even the reliable one, looks like a paid promotion, and search engines do not favor it.

Here is a shortlist of the things that will definitely benefit your Acceptor media source through the Donor.

  • Donor is a trustworthy media source, which is updated regularly.
  • Donor and Acceptor are correlated in terms of content & target audience.
  • Link correlation has an organic nature.
  • 2-3 links on the donor web page – less is more sometimes, and in this case, quality is always over quantity.

Link Building Quality

Building the link profile for the web resource, SEO professionals try to get links from high-quality Donors.

The Donor web resource role is vital to make it work for the Acceptor.

Ideal Donor is a web resource with engaging, useful, and high-quality content.

Ideal Donor also has high popularity and generates a lot of traffic. Search engines should easily index it.

The Donor’s quality is important for an Acceptor website as the consequences can dramatically impact the Acceptor performance.

The links from the poorly moderated, full of spam links Donor can influence the Acceptor positions and even result in filtering.

To make it short, a credible and trustworthy media resource shares part of its good reputation in the search engines with the Acceptor media resource (represented through the outbound link).

So, the well-thought link building means the link collection from reliable Donors.

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