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Unlike anchor links that integrate in a text, unanchored links do not masquerade as text, but look like a normal URL-promoted page, the anchor of which does not explain what is on a particular page as it is. Thus, non-anchor links do not allow you to immediately guess what is on the corresponding page. Explanation can be provided by near-reference text. They are exchanged by ordinary users, so search engines perceive such backlinks as natural.

Examples of non-anchor links

Formal reference text can be:

  • page address or site name, for example,;
  • common words such as “here”, “join”, “follow”, “in more detail”, “read here”, “look here”, “read more”, “detailed description”;
  • A link-picture is also accepted as non-anchor.

Website promotion with non anchor backlinks

Link ranking is still a very important indicator that search engines take into account when determining the position of the site in the search results. In this case, both the number and the quality of links play an equal role. If the system considers that there are too many purchased hyperlinks leading to a specific resource, which are considered anchor links, then the site will immediately be downgraded in the search results.

Considering this, it is not surprising that non-anchor links are used by far more often than the purchased anchor links. The first ones look as natural as possible, effectively increasing the position of the resource in the search results.

They provide the resource with:

  • an increase in overall link weight;
  • fast indexing of new pages and re-indexing of old ones;
  • trust from users and search engines;
  • rapid and secure access to leading positions in search.

Search queries and key phrases may change in the future, so the action of non-anchor backlinks, as opposed to anchor links, is not limited in time.

To make the promotion of a website with the help of non-anchor links more effective, the following points must be taken into account:

  • donor site topic. It should be related to the subject of the promoted resource;
  • hyperlink context. It must be placed in the thematic material. For example, if the entire article is about building a house, and there is a hyperlink to a page where mobile equipment is sold, search engines will consider it unnatural and will not take it into account;
  • link transitions. If it is placed in the correct content, then the number of clicks of users will go through the roof. Search engines perceive them as natural traffic, therefore, they are better taken into account when forming search results.

Note that you can place non-anchor links in several ways.

Ways to place non-anchor links

The options for promoting with the help of non-bankers are divided into paid and free ways. Subject to certain rules, you can post this type of links for free:

  • in blogs;
  • in social networks;
  • on thematic forums;
  • on message boards;
  • in the catalogs of sites and companies.

It is recommended to do this “manually”, without resorting to the help of auto-placement programs, so as not to fall under the filters of search engines. Of great importance is the variety of donor sites, on each of which it is necessary to register a non-repeating formal link text with a different near-link context. This means that the entire sentence containing the link must be completely unique in each case. Do not post many links at once – it looks suspicious for search programs. Non-anchor links are allowed to be diluted with anchor ones, but very carefully and in small quantities in order to avoid sanctions from search engines.

Paid placement implies the publication of links with the help of specialized services and professionals that provide services to create a natural link mass. Experts with knowledge and experience will do the job faster and better. When choosing a responsible contractor for this task, you will save not only time on searching for sites and placing links, but also get guarantees that natural links will not be removed for a certain period.

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