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When referring to a search engine (SE), a user is presented with many different sites located on a huge number of pages. But according to statistics, most people only view the first page, which hosts only 10 sites. Accordingly, all companies strive to ensure that their site is as high as possible in the search results. To do this, they optimize the site in accordance with the requirements of search engines.

The Main Goal of Website Optimization

If a company sells some goods or provides services, then actions aimed at optimizing the site will help attract more visitors to the site, which will subsequently become potential customers.

Factors Affecting Website Optimization

Initially, it is worth understanding the technology that ranks resources according to certain indicators. These include: text uniqueness, keywords typed in by users, the number of links posted on various sites, the number of visits to the site. At the moment, there are many times more such parameters, search engines are constantly improving their technology in order to most accurately determine useful resources and fight against cheating.

Types of site search engine optimization

It is common to distinguish several different types of website optimization: black, gray and white.

  • Black optimization

Black methods differ in dishonest ways in the struggle for the first places in the search results and are now practically not used. They involve a few tricks:

  1. All kinds of advertising on third-party resources with spam links.
  2. The entire text consists of unrelated keywords.
  3. The resource automatically redirects users to another site.

Now such methods of promotion are strictly prohibited and SE imposes sanctions for their use, up to excluding the site from the search results. It is extremely unsafe to promote a website using black-hat optimization methods.

  • Gray optimization

Gray methods are not officially prohibited by the system, but there are precedents after which the site receives penalties. Basically, there are three ways to improve optimization in a slightly dishonest way:

  1. Links are bought on specialized exchanges (for example, rental links).
  2. The text is filled with keywords according to certain formulas and is not useful for visitors.
  3. The resource was created purposefully to advertise another site.

These methods do not work very well, as constantly changing algorithms make them less and less efficient.

  • White optimization

White-hat methods are associated with quality, meaningful and unique articles or posts, continuous content improvement, and fair competition. This is the safest way to get visitors from search, but also the most difficult one.

Website optimization methods

Here are 4 factors of high-quality optimization:

  1. Behavioral factors. Since finding information that meets user’s needs remains the top priority for search engines, they consider these factors the most. The number of clicks per page, viewing time, transitions to other sections of the site and many other user actions are taken into account.
  2. External factors. Natural links published to site pages on various donors: forums, blogs, catalogs, directories, etc. They work as recommendations to search engines that the site is interesting to people and greatly increase the popularity of the resource.
  3. Internal factors. The presence of keywords, the use of headings, meta tags, the indication of addresses and phone numbers of an organization, product prices. Particularly, the search queries are formed according to these criteria, determining the most relevant pages.
  4. Commercial factors. These include almost all the characteristics of a store: the number of products, demand, reviews, social networks and much more.

All these factors must be taken into account when optimizing a resource in order to raise it in the search results to the maximum positions.

Site optimization is a critical process for building any online business. Since search engines are evolving their approach to delivering results, only those who understand the criteria and optimize their site according to them will get a large audience.

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