Websites are real bricks of the internet, special virtual rooms to store information, to represent and find things, to communicate, educate, and just have fun.

The world wide web would be empty without them still the term can be sometimes unclear.

Let’s see what it is all about.

Top 5 most popular categories of websites

The online world is huge. Nowadays there are trillions of sites in the world wide web but all of them are quite different.

Below you can find the TOP 5 most recognizable types you come across every day.

eCommerce Website

Regular eCommerce websites are designed to help people purchase any kind of products on the internet.

Most big and small brands use online shopping as it increases sales volume and total profit. More and more people prefer buying goods on websites instead of visiting malls.

The most common tools for a typical eCommerce website are a shopping cart and a form for credit card information.

Business Website

This kind of websites aims to represent a certain business online.

A business website often copy an actual logo, corporative design, and positioning strategy of a company. It helps to tell more about products or services a certain company offers as well as collect information about potential clients.

Nowadays any company seems less professional and legal without an official website.

Sometimes company owners utilize business website also to sell their product or service directly but more often this type of websites is used to stimulate potential customers to learn more about a certain business.

Web Portals

Web Portals are special platforms where many businesses and many customers get together.

This sort of website aggregates data from diverse sources in one place to meet the needs of their users. Generally, they imply personalized user experience to help visitors find what they really want.

Comparing with other types of websites web portals demand more complicated programming and design.

News Websites

Media sites focus on publishing news, reports, reviews, and articles. It is an online modification of traditional newspapers, magazines, and TV channels.

The content often includes both text and video. It helps to simultaneously meet the preferences of those who like reading and watching.

The number of news websites which also have alternative non-digital analog reduces over time.

Social Networks

This type of website is designed primarily for communication and interaction amongst users.

The most popular social networks are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. There is no need to have your own domain name however you have to sign up to get your personal account.

Social networks grew out of blogs and forums — on one hand, users can share their content, on the other, they can take part in discussions.

Different types of web design

Content updates

There is another big thing besides content and purpose of use that makes each website really unique. It is called website design.

First of all, it depends on how dynamic all the elements and blocks of a certain website are. If they don’t change over time then we can say that a certain website has a static or fixed design.

Otherwise, it is designed as a dynamic structure that updates any time a user refreshes the page. It is a common point for most social networks and eCommerce websites.

Web optimization

We consume information out of the internet using different devices and it is really a big deal how pages are shown up on our screen.

Some websites have only one size for desktop, tablet or mobile.

Technically it is the simplest solution for websites but non-optimized design spoils the user experience so much.

That’s why websites with fluid or liquid design are a more common story. In this case, interfaces look identically in terms of proportions no matter which device you use to surf the content however some parts might be too small or too big to interact with them.

The most relevant web design solution nowadays is a mobile responsive one. It totally rearranges layout while adapting blocks and elements to your current display.

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