SEO case study of crowd marketing link building and SERM services for a nutrition brand

The number of brand queries increased by 25%.
15k to 36k
Within 1 year of work, the client's website organic traffic grew from 15k to 36k unique visitors per month.

About company

About company

The nutrition supplement company (under NDA) has a goal to find innovative solutions to some of the most complex problems facing the nutrition, health, and food markets. The company delivers top-quality customized ingredient systems and products for its customers, operating in the North America and EMEA markets.

They started working with Natural Links in May 2021, having around 15k unique website visitors per month.

Main goals

Grow and diversify the backlink profile for increasing the trust for the domain.
Rise brand awareness within target audiences.
Boost the amount of organic traffic to at least 30k thousand unique visitors per month.
Increase the website conversion rate by at least 2%

What was done for the client, step by step:

We conducted the niche and competitors audits to obtain information on the optimal amount of links required for the consistent yet gradual growth of the backlink profile.
Based on the mentioned audits and consultations with the client, a link building plan and terms of reference were drawn up for crowd marketing and SERM campaigns.
The resources for these campaigns were carefully selected to fit the nutrition niche and its target audience.
During the 1 year of cooperation, 2600 crowd marketing links and 480 SERM posts were created and posted.
We grew and diversified the backlink profile, making it more natural for search engine algorithms.
As part of the link building strategy for 1 year, 1200 unique referring domains were added to the backlink profile. Of these, 350 were guest posts and 850 were crowd marketing links. A large number of guest posts gave a significant increase in the domain's authority and trust.
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Link Building Case Study
  • Within 1 year of work, the client’s website organic traffic grew from 15k to 36k unique visitors per month.
  • The website’s conversion rate increased from 3% to 6%.
  • The number of brand queries increased by 25%.

Client Testimonials

They are reliable partners and I like their management style.
Andriy Lykhodid
Their style of work is impressive. Every task was done just in time and with high quality.
Denys Rudik
We use naturallinks to promote our website ;) They post links at good websites with DR>30. I am very pleased with the cooperation.
I am a CBDO at a game development studio (one of our portfolio companies), and we have used Natural Links for organic promotion. As a result, organic channel occupies 25% of our sales funnel at the moment. We're building a new site and plan to continue with Natural Links at a new site for sure.
I have been working with the company for over 2 years. Completely satisfied with the result, links are placed in time and in sufficient quantity. There is a guarantee of removal. I recommend everyone!
Recommend NaturalLinks to those seeking solutions for their crowd link-building campaign. They use only trusted and natural methods. I have already ordered three times and do not plan to stop.
F. Kyle
Great link building service, would recommend to anyone. Fast turn around. Nice Skype communication.
Igaming company team
Great service, very good communication, corrected minor preferences promptly & efficiently. Good service so far!
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