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Native advertising (Natural ads)

Native advertising is a way in which advertisers attract potential users and customers without identifying their activities as advertising.

Natural ads look as unconstrained and casual as possible. Advertising content aims to be meaningful and useful for the target audience.

Search results

Search engines generate search results to match a query created by a user.

The catalog of links is formed on the grounds of keywords a user types or pronounces to describe the query.

The results are ranked by relevance. More relevant results go upper.

The system helps to find information or a required page or site much faster.

Web Forum

A web forum is a specific platform which is designed to help people discuss whatever they want.

All the topics of discussions are collected in separate tabs on the site.

In order to publish a comment, a user often needs to register and create an account. Each contributor can set a new thread and start a discussion with others.


In SEO, Acceptor is a media source (web page, document, image, etc.) linked through another website (the Donor).

The connection between the two is vital as it improves the position in the Acceptor’s search results.

Placing your outbound link on a credible donor website helps you to boost your resource online and increase visibility within the search engines.


A website (sometimes simply called as a site) is a group of internet pages which are tied by the same domain name and contain related pieces of information.

Any website is hosted on at least one server.

Home page is a starting point of website. It opens every time users type up a proper web address in their browser. From home page users can start surfing the rest of website pages.

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