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In SEO, Acceptor is a media source (web page, document, image, etc.) linked through another website (the Donor).

The connection between the two is vital as it improves the position in the Acceptor’s search results.

Placing your outbound link on a credible donor website helps you to boost your resource online and increase visibility within the search engines.

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One of the most crucial external optimization factors is links to your resource. Analysis of external links will allow you to evaluate the parameters of the link ”juice” of competitors’ sites, to find out their promotion strategy, the quality, quantity… Read More – custom

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Banner Ads

Banner ad is the oldest and one of the most popular types of online promotion. Only social media and search ads are ahead of it.
Banner advertising is a picture in a graphic form, the main purpose of which is to promote a particular service or product.

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Contextual Advertising

Any relevant advertisement displayed on a website’s page is called contextual advertising.

One of the best examples is the ads placed by Google Adsense on different websites.

Through Google robots, all relevant ads are automatically shown to users.

For instance, if you own a movie blog and contextual ads by Google Adsense are functional on it, then Adsense will only showcase ads related to your platform.

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Crowd Links

Crowd links are links posted on review sites, social media, and other blogs where readers’ comments work as recommendations, reviews, opinions, and product endorsements.

Usually, these links are placed there to increase brand awareness, create a positive opinion about the brand’s product or service, and boost website traffic.

The strategic placement of crowd links is a great way to achieve your marketing goals.

This is called organic advertising and is the best method for making your brand or business a niche authority.

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Crowd Marketing

Crowd marketing is a marketing technique that relies on the direct influence of several personalities on the target market for a particular product.

As the name implies, crowd marketing focuses on large audience groups and uses different techniques to build referrals, generate leads, and increase website traffic.

Crowd marketing is a cost-effective strategy for brand promotion and product marketing.

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Display advertising

Media or display advertising is a type of advertising placed in the media, which is used to imply radio, TV, print media, and the Internet.
Display advertising is an effective way to promote a product or present a brand. Its main function is to grab the viewer’s attention through audio, video and graphic effects, etc.

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A donor determines the site that provides outbound links to a target website.

This way, it doesn’t only recommend visiting another site but also gives it a part of its own website weight.

The weight, in its turn, rises correspondingly with the increasing number of good links this certain website receives from donors.

The more weight, the better the ranking in search engines.

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External Linking

External linking is a thematic grouping of pages of various websites using hyperlinks.
This ensures the transfer of weight between resources, that is, the donor site through the backlink transfers its weight (authority) to the acceptor site.

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External Ranking Factors

External ranking factors are factors that influence the position of the site, which the search engine assigns to it in the SERP.
Each search engine uses its own algorithms to determine them.
SEO specialists do not have access to all ranking factors, however, based on their experience and analysis of the obtained results, they should take into account external factors when planning a website promotion company.

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Google Panda

Google Panda is a set of updates to the search algorithms (ranking) of the Google search engine, the main task of which is to display full-fledged high-quality content. Released in early 2011, Google Panda exists to this day, and is also constantly updated and refined.
The system was designed to automatically remove substandard and non-original pages from search results.

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Interlinking is the process of linking individual pages with links.
In this case, it’s not about a separate link leading to any specific page, but about a system of links connecting the pages of the website.

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Internal Linking

Internal linking is one of the most effective ways to retain users and promote a website. In order for the linking to bring results, some details of its compiling should be taken into account.

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Native advertising (Natural ads)

Native advertising is a way in which advertisers attract potential users and customers without identifying their activities as advertising.

Natural ads look as unconstrained and casual as possible. Advertising content aims to be meaningful and useful for the target audience.

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Natural Links

A natural link happens when other website owners, webmasters, or bloggers add a link to your content within their content.

They refer to your articles, videos, or posts because it’s related to their content and adds value to it.

A natural link is an organic link; i.e., it must flow perfectly within the context it is placed in.

A natural link is a mention of an outside source or content related to the base content.

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Non anchor backlinks

Anchor and non-anchor links are an important tool that is used for internal linking on site pages and building external link mass.
They play a significant role in the promotion of the electronic resource and help to promote goods more effectively when it comes to the trading platform.
Such tools are very often found on forums, social networks and blogs.

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